Thursday. Kids are amazing. Sometimes they take years to say a word perfectly or to use it in the right context and some other times, they pick a word they hear somewhere (and this mostly happens with bad words… and many of those times they hear them from me), and they learn that word in a second and they’ll use that word in the perfect context next time they need it (and that will probably be an embarrassing moment).
At least that’s what my kids do.

A couple of days ago we were having breakfast. My 2nd son looks at my 3rd son and says: “Pass me the knife, you bloody wanker”. Bloody wankah, to be exact.
Come on! Not again… But I needed to know: “Where did you learn that?”
son: “A YouTube video”
me: “If you keep watching videos that are not meant for you age, I’ll have to block the site”
son: “……”
Two hours later. “Mom, what does wankah mean?”
Oh crap….
me: “You know British English is not my thing”
son: “Do you think I can find the meaning in your Urban Dictionary?”
me: “Hmmmm… yes, maybe, I’m not sure, probably”
son: “Can I search?”
me: “No, I’m using the computer right now”. And I was sure to pretend I was doing something important.
Every time I stop using the computer, I put it on “sleep” mode so if my kids want to use it, they can’t because they don’t know the password.
At one point, I started preparing dinner and forgot the computer on and I heard: “Mom, how do you spell ‘wankah’?”
other son: “Probably W O N K A, like Willy Wonka”.
me: “I don’t think I said you could use my computer?”
son: “I’m sorry… but what does wankah means?”
It was hard not to laugh.
me: “I told you, I’m not familiar with British English”
son: “But what do you think it means?”
me: “Good question… ”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I only hoped he forgot soon about it. I’m kind of glad he can’t spell so well.

The top definition from urbandictionary.com is this one.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.40.10 PM

The last paragraph was pretty encouraging. Children learn the word long before they learn its literal meaning. He’s 11. I really hope he has learned the word LONG BEFORE he’ll learn the literal meaning… I guess I’ll find out soon.

Before bed time, my 3 years old son was saying: “You wankah, you wankah, you wankah, you wankah, you wankah, you wankah”
His vocabulary is one word richer now. He was sure to record it in his brain. And he showed me this morning that he knows how to use.


~ by DotedOn on October 29, 2015.

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  2. Oh goodness. Thankfully my children know most of the bad words and rarely use them…yet.

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  3. oh dear. woops. but funny too. Hope he doesnt learn the literal meaning soon or your in trouble xx!

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  4. 🙂

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  5. Parenting… life’s little minefield of joy. 😀

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  6. Kids are always full of curiosity that sometimes gives a headache to their mom 😛

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