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Monday. Foggy and dreary day. Kids started school again so now the countdown is until the next holidays. Seven and a half weeks. I can do it.
I don’t really like this time of the year, it’s dark and it’ll only get darker. I’m not one of those who loves Christmas or decorating or baking every day so the house smells like cookies. I want the smell of cookies without the baking. The closest I can get is lighting vanilla, cinnamon and apple candles but that’s dangerous with my kids. Two of them love fire. They are those kind of kids who like to put stick or pieces of paper and see what happens… To see what happens??? Are they so dumb that they don’t know what happens? First of all, they piss me off and they should know that by now.

The awful gardener is trimming a tree at my neighbor’s house. He has the cigar hanging from his mouth, always.
This time, he’s with someone else. For over two hours, they are discussing which branch they should trim next. I can already see the future, it’ll end up looking like this…


So why the hell don’t they go ahead and do it right now instead of making me feel like I’m on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie?
This guy really makes me anxious, I’m not sure why. Maybe because he does a really bad job mowing the lawn. I still don’t know why my neighbor didn’t fire him.
Her backyard looks like this:


I shouldn’t care. I don’t know why I do. Not many things give me this feeling of impotence. I’m not sure why this guy can do it.
I couldn’t help it, I had to take some pictures.
Can you see the cigar?


That’s what’s on the ground right now.



~ by DotedOn on November 2, 2015.

15 Responses to “433”

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  2. Very frustrating! But try to let it goooo lol. Hugs xo!


  3. 😀

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  4. oh paola i laughed when you said I couldnt help it I had to take some pictures. You are making me crack up over here! Thank you xo

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  5. Don’t let him near my trees, I’ll die! lol

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  6. Oh man, I hate those kinds of tree surgeon neighbours…but I do love that we’re all vicariously spying on them right along with you.

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  7. I remember you talking about this gardener before. Can’t believe he’s still employed!

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  8. He is totally killing the tree. Maybe you should recommend a good gardener to your neighbor 😉

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