Saturday. My kids are here and they are waiting for me to do something nice with them. The thing is, what’s nice for my 3 years old is not really entertaining for my 14 years old. Unless is food related. Then everyone is happy… Except me. And if mom is not happy…

A few days ago I decided to work on a project that I started in 1999. It’s a crocheted afghan made of small squares. I always loved those and wanted to make one for my bed. I still dream of the finished product of and put a lot of love and effort in it.
It’s so much work! Now I don’t remember anymore how long it takes to make one square but I can tell that connecting the pieces together is taking forever. The bigger the finished part is, the more difficult it gets to carry around and add the little squares around. Plus, it’s not something you can do when the weather is warm because that thing is really hot on your lap. And, to make the matters worse, I chose black as the main color so you need a lot of light or you can’t see where the needle has to go. I picked the wrong part of the world to do that.

I was working on it for several years and always stopped when the weather got warm. One day I was fighting with the man about something and he said: “You’ll never finish that because you never finish anything”. So I got pissed and never worked on it anymore until this week when I just decided it’ll make me really happy to see it on my bed so I started to work on it again.

When it’s ready, it should look more or less like this one. Except I’m using black instead of beige and mine is much bigger.

Granny Square Afghan 2

I hope my kids plan to watch many movies this weekend so I can sit with them and crochet at the same time.


~ by DotedOn on November 7, 2015.

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  2. Put the 14 year old to work, the more he works the more allowance he gets. Dish out most of the chores to the kids, give the allowance based on work done, to you’re satiation. Then the kids are happy and your happy with much less work to do.
    Sounds good. We had a system similar, we worked our but off to make more money for candy.
    😦 I’m dying. Look at todays post it has a photos of my port.

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  3. The one in the picture is really beautiful! Can’t wait to see yours!

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  4. I wish I could learn to crochet!! But I’m hopeless 😂

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  5. You don’t work on it when its warm, and it has to be light outside… wait a second! You live in a place that when it’s light outside, it’s warm, and when it’s cold, it’s dark. I think you did that on purpose. 🙂 (hate me later)

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  6. I can’t wait to see it when you finish it. I’m sure it will look even prettier than the one in the photo 😉

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  7. I bet that quilt will look awesome when its finished. And, the man is an ass. Dont listen to him. You’ve probably finished many things in life. And he’s not the expert. XX

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