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Friday. Did you ever feel deeply loved by someone? I mean, could you feel the love actually leaving the body of a person and getting to you? And I’m not talking about lust. You feel the lust in one area (at least I do) but you feel the love everywhere. Starting high on your spine and going down and around and your heart pounding so hard that’s deafening and you almost feel it out of your chest… And your pupils dilate and you get goosebumps and everything around could be exploding but you just don’t see it because the love transfer is so powerful that anything else fades. Well, that’s how I feel it and I hope some of you too so you can understand what I want to say.
And, did you ever love someone that much? Did someone ever told you: “I’m drowning in your love”?


Is it possible to drown in love or love is something that keeps you floating? I prefer to think that my love doesn’t drown anyone but that is kind of a lifejacket.


And is the person who loves(d) you that much, also the one who you love(d)? Or is the one that slipped away?

A couple of days ago I heard a song for the first time. I loved it and I hated it. I think it’s a beautiful song but it’s heartbreaking. It’s about this guy who’s with a woman and about to marry her but can’t stop thinking about another one and he wonders if it’d break the girl’s heart if she knew about it.
No, it wouldn’t break her heart… It’d destroy it.

And of course, I have questions. Doesn’t she feel that the guy is thinking about someone else? Does she really think she can make this guy love her as much as he loves the other one?
And the guy… why the f#$k is he settling for this chick if he loves another one?
I think I know. He was too scared to commit to the other girl and she couldn’t wait any longer so she left him… And now the guy can’t get over her but he doesn’t want to be alone so he found someone who was ok and he thinks he can grow to love her.

Now the part that kills me. Do you think that the girl who’s not with the guy anymore, is happy? Or you think that she just left him to make him realize what he could lose? And the guy, did he try to win her back? Or he just accepted the loss?
And did she find someone else so perfect who could fill this past guy’s shoes? Or she also will go to bed every night thinking about him?

I believe I think too much. But I want to be clear on this, I firmly believe that the ONE AND ONLY exists. And the only way to know it, is when you find it… If you found it, fight for it, do whatever it takes to keep it, because if you do find it and let it go… it’s unforgivable… And with that I mean, you won’t forgive yourself for the mistake you made. And if you believe in regrets, that’ll be the one thing you’ll regret every single day of your life. And if you don’t believe in regrets, then you’ll spend the rest of your life lying to yourself.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE!! Ladies and Gentlemen I present you Peter Cincotti singing Madeline. Enjoy it, hate it and love it.

(written by Peter Cincotti)

She’s got her head on the pillow
She’s got her hands in my hair
She’s got her eyes halfway open
I’ve got my lips everywhere

And I can feel the love she’s feeling
As she whispers in my ear
But it’s an other voice I hear
And it would kill her if she knew
When she talks to me I’m hearing you

Oh Madeline
Always in the back on my mind
I’m trying so hard to move on
But you’re a wall that I can’t climb

I’m gonna put a diamond on her finger
I’m gonna say the words ‘I do’
I’m gonna watch her walk down the aisle
And I’m gonna make believe it’s you

And then we’re gonna kiss with our arms around each other
Like a rope that won’t untwist
So many chances missed
I wanna crawl out of my skin
When I think about what could have been

Oh Madeline
Always in the back of my mind
I’m trying so hard to move on
But not seeing you is like going blind

And I thought the time
Would heal the wounds and lessen the pain
But I will spend the rest of my life
Silently screaming the name

Madeline (Madeline)
(Always in the back of my mind)
(I m’ trying so hard to move on)
So hard to move on
(But not seeing you is like going blind)
Oh Madeline

She’s got her head on the pillow
She’s got her hands in my hair
She sees the one that she wanted
And I see you everywhere…



~ by DotedOn on November 13, 2015.

22 Responses to “444”

  1. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE.

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  2. Love is weird because it can be so many different things for so many different people…it makes me wonder if the man/woman love it something that actually exists. You’re definitely a romantic, and who’s to say that’s wrong. You remind me of my friend but I have to say, she is 40 and still looking for someone to be her one and only.

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  3. I have a big, all encompassing love, the big holy cow one. It wasn’t on my first try, but I got there, and it’s worth it.

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  4. I definitely love/hate this song. Poor “not Madeline”. Cut her loose and let her find someone who genuinely loves her.

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  5. Loved it

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  6. Honestly, I don’t feel things like the way you describe them. Granted, I could just be screwed up… well, actually I know that I am… but that’s another topic for another day.

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  7. Love is precious. Never let it go if you love that person very much. Well said dear, I really enjoy this post! ❤ You didn't think too much. You have such thoughts as you area sensational person. 😉

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