Thursday. So much wind. Where does it come from? Where does it go? Is it bringing a message? Could it be the wind of change?
This week I’m tired of it. I was watching a pine tree swing and trying to compare wind with love. You can’t see any of them but you can feel both and certainly, you can see the effects they produce.
The wind made a mess in my garden. Should I compare my garden with my heart?
I wish I could see the wind as love and go outside and take as much of it as I can. But instead of that happening, I will protect myself with jacket and hat and try to avoid it as much as possible.

Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong. Wind is wind and love is love. You can’t avoid one but the other can avoid you…

~ by DotedOn on November 19, 2015.

19 Responses to “450”

  1. just how im feeling these days too, stay warm ❀

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  2. One thing I learned about wind is don’t mix your pulses.

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  3. I suppose it’s true and well said. It’s been windy here too…all the changing temperatures…hot to cold.

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  4. Wow, you’re very philosophical today. xo

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  5. How very existential of you. 🌬

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  6. hola!!! como estas?

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  7. Stay warm dear! ❀ Don't get cold! How's the weather now?

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