Sunday. My youngest son was sitting on the couch and left for a moment to do something. When he got back my 3rd son was sitting on the same place where he was before. He said: “I was sitting there”
“Yes, but you left”
“But I want to sit there”
“Ok, give me a reason to leave”
“A reason”
“That’s not a reason! You have to give me a reason”
“A reason”
The conversation went on and on… I was sitting near them listening and laughing.

Later my 2nd son asked me if he could invite a friend over. “OK, what are you going to do?” “Just play video games in my room”.
About one hour later, I had to go to his room to look for something. I was very surprised when I saw that they were not sitting at the desk so I walked a bit further and saw my son and his friend on my son’s bed… On the bed sheets WITHOUT the cover… They were playing video games there… His friend with his street clothes ON MY SON’S BED and if that wasn’t enough, he had his feet on my son’s pillow…
Ok, probably I never mentioned this before BUT I have a few issues with the bed thing. It’s absolutely forbidden to lay on the bed with street clothes unless the cover is on.
So imagine the situation when I saw that… I think I flipped. I started cursing in Spanish and asking my son why he hated me so much. Why did he allow that, knowing how much it affects my (already unstable) mental health… Why the f#$k they were on the bed instead of using the chairs?? And if they really wanted to play on the bed, why the f#$k didn’t he put on the freaking cover first?
I believe his friend thought that I was crazy (read crazier).
I went to my room and started hitting my bed and shouting: “You’ll put the sheets to wash, OK?!?!”

Minutes later I started some breathing exercises and heard my son saying to his sibling: “You can’t go in the bathroom, my friend is there”…. OH NO… I asked: “WHAT?! Is your friend using MY BATHROOM?!?! You know that friends have to use the downstair’s bathroom!! You truly hate me today. If I die right now, you know why it is”. (I believe people in Mongolia could hear me too).

After the boy left the bathroom (WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS) and when I was ready to go there without the need of shooting someone on the way, I walked slowly already knowing what I was going to find, but even so, I didn’t know it was going to affect me so much… PEE DROPS ON THE TOILET SEAT!!

I lost it (again!!). So I put on my rubber gloves and started throwing bleach everywhere… I scrubbed the toilet and I was still raging. I took a sponge and started scrubbing the sinks… At one point I looked up to see myself in the mirror and believe me, Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” wasn’t half as scary as me.


Why? why? why?
Just give me a reason…

A couple of hours passed and my kids wanted to eat pizza. I asked my oldest son to go to the supermarket and get them. He said OK… A quarter of an hour passed and my son was still somewhere (not on the way to the supermarket) so I started shouting his name… No answer. Again… No answer… So I opened the living room door with all the rage and found a HOTTIE in the entrance hall… I was all confused. Prayers answered at last??

WTF?! It was my son friend’s father. I remember the mother saying that she was divorced…
CRAP… I was still looking like Jack Nicholson, not to mention the cleaning pants and flip flops with socks.

I imagine the hottie asking his son:
“How’s Giuliano’s mom?”
“Totally crazy”.

I better get the idea… I’ll die single.

~ by DotedOn on November 22, 2015.

19 Responses to “453”

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  2. You are so so funny 😀 ……….and I can see why you’re a little crazy. BUT seriously I’m with you all the way on the manners thing ‘shoes on the pillow!!!! and learning to lift the toilet seat up is the basics for heavens sake!

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    • Thank you, Andrew! 🙂
      I know I have some issues, but come on!! Those are the basics! 🙂

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      • Honey hope you are having a good morning 🙂 Sounds like you have healthy well balanced lol normal kids, as for the hottie I thought you were talking about a woman for a second 😉

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      • I’m still in bed 🙂 (And I’ll stay here until my kids tell me they are starving 😀 )
        Nooooo… A man!! I was also very surprised! I didn’t hear the bell or knew he was going to be there… I would have put on my garter belt if I knew!! 😀

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      • LMAO 😀 then he really would have thought you crazy, and sexy?

        Going to go over to mums and take the dogs out. I get a sunday lunch in return, who gets the better deal?

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      • Crazy and sexy is far better than just crazy! 🙂
        Nice plan!! Have fun and enjoy lunch! 🙂

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  3. Ugh….it’s hard enough to teach manners to our own kids….

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  4. You are hysterical Paola!!! Ha, Ha!!!!

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  5. I do crazy things like that all the time…usually not in the company of strangers, but maybe I am the hypocrite. We moved into a new office and now I share a bathroom with my bosses and all the workers. They are rarely there but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes come into an unflushed toilet and pee on the seat. I wrote a kind of nasty sign to hang in there.

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  6. hahahaha sounds like yesterday was rough on more mummies than just me! hope today was better ❤ mine was until my monkeys decided to go outside for the second time today, then all hell broke loose… and now i just want to sit quietly by myself and breath. luckily no good looking man surprised me 😉

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  7. Sorry it’s been such a rough day 😦

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  8. I can totally understand it. I would be mad if there are pee drops on my toilet seat. Unacceptable!!!

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