Monday. I wish I could write something nice today but I have nothing. I keep taking poor decisions. First of all, my apologies for not reading your blogs or replying to your comments yet. I will catch up soon. I only wanted to watch TV and work on some of my projects so that’s pretty much what I did. You cannot see the results but if you ask my ass, it’ll tell you that I spent most of the weekend on the couch crocheting and that’s why it hurts so much today.

Russell Crowe didn’t die. In fact, he was like the last man standing. It was like one of those things you KNOW they’ll never happen but you still hope they do.

The Christmas countdown is about to start. Many of you probably already started it. In my family, we decorate the house (or tree) on December 8th. That doesn’t stress me much because I can have the wooden tree decorated in 5 minutes. My problem now is what I’ll buy for the kids. Last year I got my oldest son to sit with them and a toys’ catalogue and mark what they wanted. This year, the catalogue sucks and nobody likes anything from it.
The girls section is full of make-up. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I know my girl would love to get some but something tells me that she’ll want to put it on me and I don’t think I’ll enjoy that so much.





When I was a little girl, I loved playing hairdresser. Of course, I had to be the hairdresser because nobody can touch my hair. I used my little brother as model because my sister was always a bit bitchy and she always wanted to be the boss. And things didn’t change. But my brother was always a sweet guy… And that’s probably why his wife takes advantage of him. He’s too nice.

I already got my present. A mug that says: “Squeeze me” in German. As you can see, I still hope.

~ by DotedOn on November 30, 2015.

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  2. I love the present. And I decorate the first week of december too. Thats early enough I think. Hope you figure out what to get the kids soon. XX

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  3. It gets tougher and tougher with each passing year to find something that the kids like. When they were very young, they were impressed by any toy. Now, it seems like the only things that they want are too expensive.

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  4. Yes, I don’t envy you having to buy gifts for so many children. It must be difficult. My mother didn’t let me anywhere near makeup until I was 10. My 8 year old is constantly buzzing around in my makeup drawer but I try to limit it…some glitter on the eyes, light gloss on the lips and nail polish on toes only…although I’m seeing it on the fingers more and more often. She usually chips it off quickly though.

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  5. My sister played beauty parlour with our baby sister, and the poor thing had wonky bangs forever!
    We aren’t Christmassy yet either – will wait for another couple of weeks since we’re about to go on vacation!

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  6. My mom would never let me put makeup on her and so was my brother when I was still a kid 😛 Well I was actually glad they didn’t let me do it. Otherwise, they would end up looking like one of those kids in the photos you posted here 😀

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  7. Well, as long as it’s the girls wanting the make-up and not the boys…

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