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Sunday. I planned to catch up reading blogs but my kids planned something different for me. I’ll be watching movies with them and hopefully no one asks me to bake anything because my stomach is still upset and I have a problem saying NO to sweet and delicious things.
Every time I feel sick, I crave chocolate. Then I feel really sick and it seems that only then I start feeling better. I already ate the chocolate and I wish I felt a tiny bit better. It’s not the case. Maybe it is a virus after all.

I wish my kids let me go back to bed.

That made me laugh:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.13.53 AM

Have a nice Sunday!


~ by DotedOn on December 6, 2015.

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  2. Ha! Yes, I’ve seen things like that before, funny if the same rules applied! I also hardly ever lose my appetite… especially for chocolate!!

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  3. Watch out, a Facebook stalker may comes next. I have baggage changed today, the pain it’s horrible. My printer says it dead, I’m pulling out my tech toolbox.
    These are the days when not having kids was right decision. Your kids are cute and monsters at same time.
    Mine might be worst.
    I’m starting a post on the cost of Lyme and what my future looks like.

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  4. Hey, how did you copy awards you didn’t keep URL?

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  5. Now honey THAT is funny and so true and I see exactly why we don’t have Facebook! It’s a waste of time unlike WordPress which make’s makes you think and make’s you laugh. Now get yourself on Tinder!

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  6. Love that article. Saw it a while ago, and thought, “I’m going to do something like that.” But, then thought better of it, as people already think I’m a bit off as it is. No need to encourage that train of thought.

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  7. I hate stomach bugs. I hope you enjoyed the movies. And keep eating that chocolate! 🙂 X

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