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Mug shot Tuesday. Sorry I’m late… I didn’t want to come. WTF?! I read that several times and I still don’t get why someone would put that on a mug. What’s the message here? “I’m an asshole with a big heart”? But I totally get the part of not wanting to go somewhere.
While I was still with the man, we HAD to go to celebrate Christmas with his aunt (so I could get toilet deodorizer as a gift).
I never liked going there because we had to follow the freaking protocol. We never had time to relax and for some reason, the time seemed to stop when we were there.
When you have kids, you can’t really follow a protocol because there is always something that could come up and make you delay or change plans.
Like the time I asked my son: “Could you please take diapers for your brother?” “OK, how many?” And I said in Spanish 12 (doce) but he understood 2 (dos). So you have to imagine my reaction when we were about to have dinner and I had to excuse myself and go to the bedroom to change my boy and discovered that I had only 2 diapers for the next 2 days (stores closed). I shouted: “How many diapers did you take?” “Two, as you said” “I said twelve” “No, you said 2” “Didn’t you suspect that 2 diapers were not enough for 2 days?” “…”.
I was lucky that I’m a hoarder and I had 3 in the back of my bag and I always kept 3 in the car.

Remember me telling you that the man NEVER helped me with the kids? Another year, it was Christmas morning and we had to go again to his aunt. It was snowing and really cold. I was getting everything ready and begging my kids to cooperate. We loaded the car and I got back inside to put the jackets on my kids (4 at the time). Every time I had 3 ready and was taking care of the last one, one got tired, started complaining that he was too hot and took off the freaking jacket. They never like to go to the man aunt’s house either because they feel they are in jail. It’s something like this: “Why the hell does she give us cars as gifts and then she doesn’t let us use the cars because she doesn’t want to ruin her stupid floor??”
So I could understand the boycott.
Imagine the jacket situation going on for some time until the man got tired and went to the car with a couple of them. His patience level is really low so I believe he sounded the horn about 4 or 5 times before I was ready.
It’s a two hours ride to the aunt’s house and when we were almost one hour gone I said: “You are going to be mad now” “Whatever you forgot, I’m sure my aunt has it” “Trust me on this one, she won’t have it” “What??” “I forgot the lasagnas in the fridge” “#$%@ #%$$# @##%$$%%”.
We had to go back and take the lasagnas because that was our lunch.
He was pissed because he knew what was coming next… Anyway, after a couple of hours at her house he would come to me and said: “3 hours here, 27 more to go”.

Today the Christmas countdown starts for me. Is it the time to be jolly?

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~ by DotedOn on December 8, 2015.

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  2. It’s not quite time yet. Give it at least onei more week 🙂

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  3. Aren’t you glad those days are gone! Yippee!!!!

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  4. Well, that’s one thing good about being single…you don’t have to stand on ceremony with the in laws. These holiday traditions can be a serious bummer!

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  5. You do make me laugh, everyday hectic family life is so entertaning…….. at least there’ll be no Aunt to see this year

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  6. Btw :/ I don’t get the mug either!

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  7. Time to be jolly because you don’t have to deal with that shit anymore!

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  8. Why didn’t you go somewhere else? lol

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  9. It’s always time to be jolly. And I think everyone has a relative similar to your ex’s aunt (although in my family I think we got more than our share). BTW, you said collaborate, I think you meant cooperate.

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    • Thank you, Todd! I’ll correct it 🙂 In Spanish, those words are synonyms (so you can imagine how easily is for me to be mistaken :D).
      Oh my! more than one relative like that is much more than any person should bear! 🙂

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  10. omg that sounds like a nightmare situation going to visit that aunt. hope the christmas countdown is still going well for you…xoxo

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