Saturday. I wanted to keep the Christmas theme but I can’t remember any story right now. When I think about Christmas, I mostly think about food, family and pink panties. I mentioned before that in Argentina we have the tradition to wear pink panties on Christmas Eve.
The tradition originated somewhere in Europe and originally only the single ladies had to wear it because it was supposed to bring good luck finding a husband. I wore the freaking pink panties 41 of the 42 Christmases I lived and I’m still single. But I still believe in miracles.

This morning I was thinking that I have to remember to pack my pink and red panties when I go to Spain. If I forget about it, I’ll be pissed off. And that reminded me of a story about forgotten panties. I wish I could say that I forgot my panties hanging on the lamp in a hotel room but sadly, the story is a bit different.

It was 1994 and I was backpacking in Europe with my sister. This was a few years before the internet so finding a place to sleep it wasn’t as easy as it is now. For that reason, we needed a very light rucksack. Sometimes there were no buses going to the places where we wanted to go and carrying a heavy bag is not fun at all. We had a system. We would sleep in trains, stations, youth hostels or wherever until we run out of clean underwear. That day, we had to pay for a hotel room and wash all our clothes. We had some cords to hand the clothes, we were not unprepared.
We had each 8 panties and that day we were wearing panty #8. We had to find a hotel. We were in Salzburg (Austria) and we were going to France I think. We woke up in the morning in the youth hostel among 8 other girls and discovered it was very late and our train was leaving soon. We quickly put all our things back in our bags and run to the station. I remember I had a plastic bag with the seven dirty panties. They were all white because I thought that if one day the time wasn’t enough for them to dry, I could always put them back in the bag without risking them to lose color and mess up the rest of the things.
We run to the station and caught the train just in time. I decided then to unpack and try to put some order in my bag because with the rush, I had thrown everything in it without even thinking. I discovered then that the plastic bag with my 7 whites panties was missing. “WTF!” I panicked.
“I forgot the bag with the dirty panties in the youth hostel!!”
“Yeewww! Imagine the face of the one who finds them”… Crap!! I was VERY embarrassed. I only hoped that there was no displaying or smelling involved and that the person who found them just decided to throw them away… Luckily, I’ll never know what happened (and yes, I still wonder!).

As soon as we got off the train, I had to go to a store and buy some panties because I couldn’t borrow my sister’s one. She’s tiny and I didn’t like the idea of panties cutting my circulation or going in my crack every step I took.
In the end, it worked out pretty well. I got some really nice dark grey ones.
And that was perfect a few days later when we met some German guys in Spain and they proposed to take a swim in the sea in our underwear. I was smiling and telling my sister: “If I had white panties, I wouldn’t be doing this!”

Everything happens for a reason, right?


~ by DotedOn on December 12, 2015.

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  2. That’s the best ‘everything happens for a reason’ story ever!

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  3. I ❤ your life stories, you sound a well travelled lady and I agree that's the best 'everything for a reason story' ever…….. oh and isn't the word panties wonderful!

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  4. Funny how phrases and words are remembered, once I heard a lady say “a girl can NEVER have enough pairs of knickers” 🙂

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  5. What an interesting story! 😉 I also wonder the reaction the person had when finding a bag of panties 😛 The tradition to wear pink panties on Christmas Eve is a bit similar to our tradition, but the difference is that we wear red panties whether we are girls or guys on Chinese New Year Eve to bring good luck. In fact, I never tried it in the past since I didn’t really bother. 😛 Maybe I should try it this year 😀

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  6. […] patience was another thing I lost and wondered why instead of losing that, I never lose my panties. I did lose my panties once. But not the way I always dreamed. Losing the bag with all the dirty panties while traveling, is […]


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