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Monday. Where did my weekend go? It’s fine, that means that December is flying. I’m not complaining, I still despise this month. Things will change some day. I’m sure there will be a time when I’ll be waiting for Christmas to have a happy celebration with my family. And I hope it’s soon.
I got all the gifts and I was supposed to wrap them this weekend but I completely forgot. I’ll have to do it when my kids are at school sometime this week. It feels great to have that done.

The bread was delicious, I didn’t eat it all, I saved a piece so my kids could try it too. I can be nice sometimes, right?

“Murder She Wrote” is on TV right now. I needed to search if Angela Lansbury was still alive and how old she was. She’s 90!! She has one of those faces that always looks the same. It’s like she was born with the “old” look and it stayed with her all these years and now that she’s really old, she looks exactly the same than 45 years ago.
My aunt’s sister is exactly the same. I know that she’s over 70 now because she’s older than my mother but she looks exactly the same as when I was 6 years old. I saw her last year and I asked my mother: “Does she ever age?” “It’s a mystery”.
I know for sure that she doesn’t have any surgery done. Maybe the trick is to keep the same hair style and glasses forever. It’s like she put herself in formaldehyde (the stuff that taxidermists use for the animals) back in ’79 and stayed there.

I was told I look the same than 20 years ago. But ok, those are things people say to be nice and you always wonder if they are true.
Soon I’ll post “now and then” pictures and you can tell me if I look young now or if I looked old then… And you better pick the right answer!!


~ by DotedOn on December 14, 2015.

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  2. You are brave if you do that! I know what you mean though. I know people that looked old even as kids and now that they’re middle aged they look better than ever. It’s a theory I have about having less beauty to lose.

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  3. I’m sure you look just the same even without showing me “now and then” pictures sweetie 😉 . BTW, you always look beautiful and I just your Prince will bump into you soon ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Age is a funny thing – you may be right about keeping the same glasses and hairstyle.
    I think my mom looks better now than she did 20 years ago.

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  5. When the photos are put up and I have to vote.. I’m afraid that many years have taught this man a few things, and as such, I shall be abstaining from casting a vote. It does seem the prudent thing to do.

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  6. Paola 17 likes! Honey you are so entertaining btw I’ve read a few past posts and I’ll agree, YES you are a little crazy!! (But adorable as well)

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