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Wednesday. I went to the supermarket and I forgot to buy bread for me. I can’t believe it. I’m not going back so I’ll probably be baking more or begging my kids to go for me.

Remember me mentioning yesterday that my dear friend got the panties for me? The plan was that she got the panties and then, instead of mailing them to me or bringing them here, she was going to put them in the man’s (my ex) mailbox because he lives near where my friend lives so when the man came to pick the kids, he could bring the panties to me.

And remember me telling about the man’s parents renting a house very near the man’s house about 4 weeks ago? Well, his parents stayed at the rented house only for a couple of days and then they showed up at the man’s house and decided to stay there with him. I’m sure that was their plan.
The man didn’t want them there but his parents NEVER respected anyone’s wishes and when he said: “You can’t stay here”, they didn’t give a crap and stayed anyway.
The idea was that they were leaving on Monday evening to the man’s aunt but they delayed the departure until yesterday.
I told my friend that maybe the man’s parents were at his house but she didn’t have to worry about it, just drop the panties in the mailbox and leave. Actually it’s not a mailbox, it’s a hole in the door and the letters/stuff fall on the entrance hall.

This is the message I got from my dear friend when she got the panties and also my reply.

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As you can see, I’m very nice calling my ex mother in law “the witch”.
As soon as I replied to my friend, I sent a message to the man saying that he was going to find a bag with red panties that were for me.

About one hour later the man called me telling me he had just gotten home and that he had the bag. I asked: “Are your parents still there?” “Yes” “Did they see the panties?” “You bet they did!!” “But the bag had my name on it, they shouldn’t have opened it” “Right… thank you for that too”.
I wish I could see the man mother’s face when she opened the bag with my name on it and saw the red panties.

That’s the bag, see? It’s written: FOR PAOLA


And those are the red panties that I’ll give my cousin as Christmas present. Cute, right?


When we were discussing the model of the panties, my friend said: “Should I buy something I would wear?”
“I’m not sure what you’d wear but please don’t get what I like because my cousin likes G-strings”
“I see? What do you like?”
So I showed her the panties I was wearing and said: “These are my favorite but they never produce them in red and every year when I need to buy them, it’s either G-strings or something BIG, so I go for the BIG”.
“Do you want me to buy a pair for you too?”
“No, I got mine months ago because I knew I was going to stress around this time of the year. Later I’ll e-mail you my last red panties and the ones I got for this year so you can see how BIG they are”.

So I did. The ones on the left are the ones I’ll wear this year. Santa’s Baby 2014 and Kiss Me 2013.


The red panties are for good luck and if there is something that I need (apart from a man), is good luck.

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  2. πŸ™‚ Honey they all look lovely πŸ˜‰ Good luck for Christmas!

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  3. Pink for Christmas and red for New Years, right? Have to remember. Thank you Paola, for the reminder.

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  4. Very cute! Hope they bring you luck!

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  5. I’ve never heard of this tradition before!

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  6. Pink and Red are feminine colors. I don’t want a husband but a boyfriend will do. And lots of luck ahead would be great. Pink and red panties it is!!

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  7. The package clearly said “For Paola”. Who opens someone else’s mall???

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  8. Show a man those and some boob and he’ll come running. Of course you might not see him the next day. You two are crazy!!!!!!!
    Have fun. Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you before.

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  9. These red panties look really cute. It made me feel like getting one for myself as well πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

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  10. I would love to have seen your ex-MIL’s face when she opened that bag. That would have been classic.

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  11. […] the last option is my ex mother in law. Remember the time when I asked a friend to get red panties for my cousin, put them in a bag with my name and let them in my ex’s house? That had to be it. The super […]


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