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Mug shot Tuesday. I Love Technology. I do. Sometimes at least. Other times, I hate it.
It’s great for me because it makes me feel less alone here. I’m one click away from my family and friends.
The times when I don’t like technology so much include when my kids seem to be deaf when they have something with a screen in front of them or when people on the street are so immerse in their phones (or whatever they have) that they are not even looking where they are going or what’s coming in their direction.

One of the first friends that my oldest son has, is an Indian boy called Ashwin. His family lived near us a few years ago.
Before we moved to Germany, Ashwin’s father got a job offer in Belgium so they moved there.
The kids kept contact via Skype or Facetime.
A few weeks after we moved here, Ashwin video called. My son explained that we (the man and I) had split up and that we were living in Germany now. They were talking for a while and I also greeted his parents.
At one point, I went to the bathroom and this time, I DID close the door. I mostly never do it because my kids don’t give a crap and they go in anyway.
While I was sitting on the toilet, my oldest son came in the bathroom, iPad in hand. Apparently, he was showing the house. I shouted: “WTF!!” at the same time that Ashwin said: “WHOA, DUDE!!”.
So if I was wondering where the camera was pointing, I had my answer right away.
That day, I hated technology.

I’m also not so happy when eBay or Amazon remember my previous searches and display them on the side of the screen… Sometimes I’m really curious about “suggested items” or “people who bought that, also bought…”
Apparently, someone who bought red panties (like I did), also bought some penis rings. And of course, I had to click on them.
A couple of days later, my son wanted to see a gaming mouse and while he was showing it to me, I could only see the colorful rings on the left. Man! I was sweating. I really didn’t want to hear: “What’s a penis ring for?”
A genital marriage, maybe?

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~ by DotedOn on December 22, 2015.

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  2. It sure is creepy when your browser shows you adverts based on other things you looked at earlier that week.

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  3. haha! You need to clear out your cookies and cache or those rings, among other things, will reappear. 😀

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  4. Paola as many people will say here pop up searches on Amazon are the devils work that’s why I’ll never buy an anal vibrator at work!

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  5. Oh my, too funny but also embarrassing. Yes, that AI can sure be nosy!!

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  6. all those ads are freakin’ me out! story of my life, I’m requested to date girls from countries I have never visited, at least men aren’t involved yet, if that happens I’m giving up technology for good! 😀

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  7. I hate those ads! I shop almost exclusively online,a nd those ads can easily give away to Sean what he’s got waiting under the tree. Thank goodness he’s not too perceptive!

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  8. To funny, better than the stunt my brother pulled!
    Any Music request for Thursday?

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  9. I really don;t like it when most of the websites these days record what we search before and suggest us to buy something similar – it’s like they are stalking us all day long 😦

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