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Thursday. Last day of the year. Yay!! I’m not sure how to feel. Should I be happy because this awful year is almost gone or should I feel sad because another year passed and I didn’t achieve a thing? I guess I choose happy, things can always be worse, right?

Yesterday I left the house for the second time (if you don’t count the supermarket trip). It was for a few hours in the evening because Jordi stayed at the hospital until 4pm waiting to talk with the doctors (but he couldn’t because they had an emergency) and my cousin worked until 5pm.
The plans were to take a walk around town and then have dinner.

I took several pictures this time. Mostly random shots from the car and a few while walking.

This is “La Catedral” (The Cathedral).


I admit I take strange pictures, so if you wonder: “What did she want to photograph?” you’ll get no answer.


I can tell you what that is: A fountain with a tiny sculpture of Saint George.


And that’s The Virgin of Lourdes. I lit a candle there.


Can you see the cathedral?


After that, we went to an Arabian restaurant. I love middle east food, it’s in my blood!
The place was amazing and of course, I HAD to take pictures of the bathrooms.



Can you see me in the mirror?


And that’s the food. DELICIOUS!


And the super nice tea we had.


After dinner, we walked a bit more and then we went back home. I asked my cousins if one of my favorite building was illuminated this time because on my previous trips, it wasn’t. They told me that nobody knew when “the guy” decided to turn on the lights but we could go and see.

If you are reading my blog for a year, you probably know which building I’m talking about:

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.16.31 AM

The architect who designed it, was inspired by a geyser… yeah right!! I didn’t know they also called it geyser.

I was really glad to see that “the guy” decided to turn on the lights last night.

I guess that is supposed to be a Christmas tree.


And those too??




And that’s me with Jordi AND the nice building.


Don’t forget the red panties tonight!! I’m also going to wear make up. I’m trying to remember what was the thing I stopped doing with the years. Whatever tradition I changed, it made my luck change.

I almost forgot to show you the lasagnas before they are gone!!


I wish, as the Spanish people say: “A good exit and a better entrance”… They mean a good end of this year and better beginning of the next one.

Have a great last day of 2015!!

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  2. 🙂 I enjoyed looking at the photographs, I’m an architecture and historic buildings lover I guess that’s why I like Oxford btw the Geyser looks a lot like the ‘Gherkin’ building in Central London (I must go to London again, not Hookers I mean say the Tower or somewhere)…….. and yes Paola settle for Happy you’ve a lovely smile ………… and lol go easy on resolutions I’m not a fan of setting unattainable goals or maybe that’s defeatist…… hope you get lucky 😉 this year x

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  3. Looks like you are finally having some fun! I don’t know which pictures I am enjoying more…the bathrooms, the lit up building or the lasagna! Have a great New Year!

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  4. Happy New Year, Paola!

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  5. I remember that cathedral, granted it was back in 1990, but it looks the same. That other building looks familiar too… And seriously… where is my lasagna???

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  6. Happy New Year! I got stuck on the food pic (of course). I love middle eastern food. Now I want hummus, Kibbee Mikkli, Bhaba Ganouj, and pita bread!!!

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  7. Honestly, I don’t think your photos are strange at all. I actually love them. I can see that you like architectural details 😉 I’m happy to see you having fun on New Year’s Eve – having amazing food and share laughter with your cousin and Jordi. It’s so good to see you smiling in the picture. Keep shining and smiling dear! All the best o you! ❤

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