Monday. And not only that, it’s been snowing. I don’t want to say how I feel about it because I don’t want a post full of hate and bad vibes. But just imagine.

I’m trying to convince my kids to go to the supermarket because I really don’t feel like cycling today.
I’m surprised because the weather forecast didn’t say it was going to snow this week and if I knew it, I would have gone to get groceries on Saturday. Too late, now I need a good way to bribe my kids.

That’s the view from my bedroom window.


And that’s how it looks my garden from the kitchen.


I admit it looks pretty.
I’ve seen it, now it can all melt and be gone until next year. If I feel nostalgic, I can always look at the pictures.

Like I did a while ago. That was last week in Barcelona. It was 18ΒΊC/65ΒΊF and you can see the people on the beach. Some of the women were topless.


That was the first day I went out after being sick and I was terrified of getting sick again so I dressed up in a way that it was impossible for me to get in the water. You can’t see it there but I was wearing a skirt, a pantyhose and boots… If I was wearing jeans I know I would have folded them and jump in the sea because that’s what I do. Yes, I’m a big kid.


~ by DotedOn on January 4, 2016.

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  2. Wow, topless in 65 degree weather…those women are far braver than I am…in more ways than one. Think I am spoiled by all the warm weather we get in L.A. Oh well, at least the snow doesn’t look like it’s piling up too high. It will probably melt quickly.

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  3. First—what’s pathetic (in my opinion) is that some people are so vain, wanting their tanned skin, they’ll be on the beach practically naked in cold weather, and topless no less lol

    And just so you know—finding the sea irresistible in the way you do is the type stuff that keeps the “kid” in us—the joy—in life πŸ˜€

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  4. It does look pretty, all we get in England is lot’s of rain!

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  5. Hi Twin
    The yard and garden looks so good! It’s cold here but not enough for snow.
    Good luck on the supermarket.

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  6. Now I have something similar to what you had, it sucks…I want to be better again! xxoo

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  7. Being a big kid is good and that’s the way of staying young! πŸ™‚ You look amazing in the picture dear! Get well soon!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  8. Those top two photos look great.

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