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Wednesday. For over a year, I play Words With Friends with a man who is a chef. He knew I celebrated Thanksgiving in 2014, so last year he asked me if I was going to celebrate it again and what I was going to prepare. I told him and I added: “I used to love cooking, now I just don’t care”. He replied: “You lack purpose”.

I do. I lack purpose and I wonder where I can find it again. Or how. Nothing seems to content me, at least, not for longer than 10 minutes, or so it feels.
Should I read some books about getting motivated? Or watch some videos? The truth is, when I see those people shouting things like: “JUST DO IT”, the only thing I want to do, is to break the screen.
I don’t think that’s the way to get motivated. It has to come from within.

This picture made me laugh:

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I truly don’t get motivated by boobs. I wonder what would work for women.

I think that the only thing that motivates me, is love.
I wish My Prince was here.


~ by DotedOn on January 13, 2016.

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  2. My children motivate me. I love them.

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  3. I get what you mean by no motivation. It’s like the way I haven’t gone running this year. I keep asking myself “who cares if you do or not?”. Like I do not derive joy from it anymore. It’s now just another routine that I don’t have the energy for.
    As for the boob picture… it looks very nice. maybe motivation for lotsa guys. Me I just see lots of chest flesh. Heh heh.
    Don’t worry honey. You and your prince will be together soon. All that love in you, it has to come out. Soon your motivation will kick in. You’re too amazing for it not to. The world will be rid of hens soon enough.
    Love you honey.

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  4. Ok, so the first thing I saw was the photo and I just couldn’t help but laugh. I had my glasses off, so I couldn’t read the subtext… needless to say, I was very motivated in reading this particular entry. I guess they work to motivate me.


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  5. Finding motivation is a secret. Whoever has cured this problem, they aren’t sharing their remedies 😉 A new relationship will distract you, but it’s a bandaid over the scar. It may sound silly but express yourself in art, even an introspective poem for yourself. Sharing with others, like here, must help too. I don’t really “know” you, but I know I want you happy. I hope some of these comments put a smile on your heart. We’re all wandering the same unmarked path.. together. Now find a road trip movie for a temporary feel good 😉 sorry, Paola, I had to go there hehehe.

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  6. Love it

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  7. I don’t know why I’m not as motivated as I did before. I don’t know if it is the rainy weather in HK. Boobs certainly don’t motivate me. I guess I need love as my motivation like you do. Never give up dear! Good luck! ❤

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  8. 🙂 been thinking of you honey after reading your last couple of posts, I’m a little lonely as well (shame I don’t live close because I could come round and service your pipes for you 😀 ) where was I? Oh yes, Paola would trying to meet with your children’s friends parents help? You know some adult company and contact which we all enjoy 🙂 I agree inspirational quotations off the internet are all well and good but totally unattainable for most of us, would inviting some Moms round for a coffee morning be fun?

    (As for boobs, I prefer saggy ones that drop when she takes her bra off, seriously!!!!)

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    • Thank you, Andrew! Hahahahahaha 🙂
      I talk with some mothers at school but we dont’t really connect.
      I have a group of friends from where I used to live, I’ll see if I feel like celebrating something and invite them all here for a coffee morning.
      That used to be fun, now I think I have to have the house really nice and tidied up before they come and that turns me off completely 🙂
      Thank you about the boobs comment, if you don’t mind, I’ll use that in a future post 😀

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      • Can’t wait, ladies must know men don’t like perfection hence that’s why we dislike silicone filled fake boobs 🙂 I must admit to envying you and my sister-in-law, you know to have a house brought alive with noisy little people 🙂

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      • 🙂 It gets too noisy sometimes!!
        You have no idea how nice it’s to hear that men don’t like perfection 🙂

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  9. Awe, being motivated is hard and doesnt come easy to me either so you arent alone in that. i play hanging with friends which is kinda like words with friends. are you good at the game? xx

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