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Friday. I made it. I’ll be alone this weekend so I’m planning a movie marathon. I should catch up on the things I can’t do when my kids are here. And that’s why I’ll watch movies. When my kids are here, I press the pause button at least once every 10 minutes and say “shhhhhhhhh” about 10 times per minute.
I hope to pick the right movies this time, the ones that make me smile and not the ones that have me cursing at the screen or crying myself to sleep.
I’d love to watch a movie about the perfect love, something that gives me hope. I want to keep believing in miracles and magic because I know I deserve to find my soul mate and spend the rest of my life with him.

According to dictionary.com:

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How hard do you think it’s to find your soul mate? How do you know that you finally found them? How many of us can say: “I found my soul mate”? And how many can say: “We are still together”?

In my life, I met a lot of people. Sometimes the connection with them is so strong that I can say: “He/She is like a brother/sister to me”. Now, if you are that lucky to find a person with whom the connection is that strong and there is also attraction between the two of you, how would you feel? Jackpot!

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE!! I picked this Italian song because I always like it. The melody makes me smile and the lyrics warm my heart.
I remember listening to it and thinking: “Is that true? Can someone really feel that much love for another person and affirm that he/she is one in a million?”
I know, we are all unique. Not only one in a million but one in 7.4 billion. But, you know what I mean.

I found a translation that’s pretty accurate. I hope you like it.
Enjoy Alex Britti singing “Una su un milione”/”One in a million”.

(written by Alex Britti)

One In A Million

Accept me as I am
I plead, don’t look
In my head
There’s a world to ignore
I want you to be
My discreet accomplice
Accept me and you’ll be
My silk doll

Accept me and you’ll see
We’ll go all the way to the bottom
Don`t think
About what’s right
And what’s changing
We’ll go to the north pole
Or the south if you prefer
Accept, I plead
Tell me that you can

I never said
That I was perfect
If you’d like I’ll help you find
Each of my flaws
If you find more
It’s still fine by me
As long as we still stay
Together like this

I love, I love
It’s something that moves
Up and down my stomach
Colder than snow
I love, I love
It’s a hole in a donut
Its fleeting sweetness
Is what gives it beauty

Accept me and you’ll see
We’ll grow together
Another meter
And we’ll touch the sky
Taller than giants
Stronger than Godzilla
We’ll go on a cruise
On a yellow boat

We’ll go to an island
That seems as if it’s drawn
With enormous colours
And a sea made for a parade
As for me
I’ve already bought the ticket
Please don’t leave it
near a dream in a drawer

I love, I love
It’s something special
Up and down in my stomach
And like a storm
I love, I love
It’s sauce on pasta
Until it’s finished
I won’t be able to say no

I love, I love
It’s a gift of nature
Because our story
Isn’t only an affair
I love, I love
It’s a simple song
That I need to say
That you’re one in a million



~ by DotedOn on January 15, 2016.

16 Responses to “507”

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  2. I don’t know if there is a perfect love or a perfect soul mate. I feel like you can feel connected to different people in different ways. In any case, I hope you find someone who fits the bill is some way or another.

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  3. Ah, finding a soul mate. It’s a very rare thing. I think you can find “the love of your life,” but that’s not easy either. And I know that, in my case, I love my man, but it’s the most difficult relationship I’ve ever been in. It does happen for people and I really hope it happens for you! 😀

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  4. So what movies did you end up watching?

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  5. Sweet Home Alabama, great movie (even though it’s a bit late)

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  6. What a good question! I also wonder how hard/ easy to find a perfect soul mate. I guess when the time is right, you will bump into the perfect one. 😉

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  7. I love this italian song! Ty for sharing. And, I hope you find that soulmate some day. XX

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