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Mug shot Tuesday. Size Matters. Of course it does!! Specially when I get a chocolate bar, it better be a king size and not a free sample.
Now, if we talk about body parts, does size matter? I think it’s a difficult question, specially because we all prefer different things.
For some reason, men think that women prefer a big Willy. Some of them are really obsessed by the size of their willies.
From my own experience, a William is painful. Give me 10 Billy’s instead (but one at the time, please!!).

And what about women, are we obsessed about the size of our boobs?
We must be somehow. It’s like our hair. If we have curls we want it straight and viceversa.
It took me years to be happy with my boobs. After having kids, and on the contrary of what happens to most women after breast feeding, my boobs didn’t end up looking like raisins… Unless you are talking about those super hydrated raisins that look exactly like huge grapes.
I HATED my boobs. They were too big. Even women stared at them. I quitted wearing shirts because I was afraid to make a dangerous move and make a button fly and blind someone by accident.
I really considered having a breast reduction. I’m happy I didn’t do it. After my youngest son was born, I lost weight and my boobs went back to a more normal size.

Having kind of big boobs all my life, I could never understand why some women wanted bigger boobs.
Many many women get surgery and buy “the tits of their dreams”, while others, who are afraid of the scalpel, get “boobs in a box” or padded bras.

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I worked with a woman who ordered the boobs from some TV shopping channel. She was very happy about them and she even asked me to touch them to see how they felt.
The “touch my tits” happened several times actually. Most women I know who got breast implants asked me to touch their new boobs… I felt I couldn’t say no. It’s like when a kid offers you something and you know that if you say no, you’ll break their heart.

Do men like big or small boobs? I think it depends on the man and the fantasy he has.

I used to say to my friend: “I know, it’s easy for me to say because my boobs are not small, but if they were, I’ll probably be putting a pair of socks in my bra to make them look bigger”.
I only know how it feels to have big boobs. They move too much when you walk fast or when you run and some clothes look pretty funny.

And then there is this other thing… Most of the time you are wearing a bra. And then you meet a guy and the moment comes when that bra “has” to come out. That dreaded moment. The guy saw you fully dressed and he probably remembers where and how everything was, and in about 5 seconds, you’ll hate all the gravity laws, specially when you see his expression.
Or you’ll hate his face if he sees one “boob in a box” roll.
Or you’ll see a disappointed face and the guy thinking: “they look bigger 3 minutes ago”.
Or you’ll hate his grossed out face when he sees the scars that the surgery left.
Or maybe none of that happens and the guy just smiles and loves every inch of you.

Crap… is anyone ever happy with what they’ve got?

This comment by Andrew (bateman111.wordpress.com)made me smile.

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Thank you, Andrew, we need more guys like you!

~ by DotedOn on January 19, 2016.

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  2. Phones matter. As far as breastfeeding size is concerned, I think that variety is the spice of life.

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  3. πŸ˜€ great post, mine is 8″, I asked a lady of ‘experience’ how she rated the size and she said “that’s average” as for boobs any size is fine by me.

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  4. I would never get fake boobs because they look fake. I don’t think I could stand the idea of walking around with boobs that might look exactly like what some other woman has. Really, the only reason I can justify women getting fake boobs is if they are disproportionate to their body, like they have a really big booty and no boobs. Mine are okay. They are average size but I’m a small girl so it’s okay. They just sag a bit after the kids.

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  5. 1) Size doesn’t matter, and if it does, you are probably doing something wrong that requires size to be a matter. 2) I prefer my boobs like I prefer my women. Real. Thank you very much. 3) I think we all have body image issues to some degree, and if you don’t feel safe getting naked in front of him and you do… well, I’m thinking there might be other issues at play. 4) There isn’t a four. 5) There isn’t a five either.

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  6. I think size isn’t the big issue here…The real issue is our heart/ mind…We seem to want something that we don’t have πŸ˜›

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