Thursday. I got bad news about my grandmother’s health yesterday. I wonder if it was because of the things I told her on her birthday and that caused her blood pressure to be so high. My mom couldn’t tell.
I feel sad today, a different kind of sad.

Do you believe in black magic? Or in people who wish you no well? I do and that’s because I feel like if someone has tied up my roots or my wings and I’m stuck. There is not one thing that evolves right now. Everything is static or degrading. Nothing gets solved or fixed.
So if you pass by my house the coming days and you see candles or smell strange smells, it could be me trying whatever home remedy I’ll find on the internet that says it helps to “untie knots” or break a bad streak.

You know, when you reach certain point you start believing in anything. I got to that point, now I need to move forwards.


~ by DotedOn on January 21, 2016.

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  2. Hope all is ok xx

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  3. I hope that she’s ok, Paola. Prayers sent.

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  4. Yes, move forward. Hard to see you in this funk for so long.

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  5. I don’t believe in magic or black magic, I’m sure as days get longer and you get more sunlight, you’ll start to feel more positive.

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  6. Hi Twin P
    Remember only God has that power! Putting artificial light where you spend the most time, it puts more light in the house and can lift depression. This is tested and commally used for people how have SAD.
    I’ll pray for you and grandmother.
    Remember the Saint who unties knots, include her in your prayers.
    If you will, I will.
    Love you all my heart!
    Twin M

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  7. Sorry to read your dear Grandmother is ill. Talk to her and say sweet granddaughter things and maybe it will make her feel better and you will feel better too. Hope it all comes unknotted for you.

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  8. Sadly, I can relate so well to this. So much bad stuff happens, you just end up waiting for the next bad thing to happen. It sucks.

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