Thursday. Beauty. How do you measure beauty? What’s beautiful for me, is it also beautiful for you?
Yesterday I read a post written by Kim at kimboxin.wordpress.com. She wrote something about the prettiest girl in a group. You can read her post here. If you wonder how some of us (women) measure that, it’s easy, the prettiest girl in the group is the one who gets the most attention from men. Crazy, right?

Using those parameters, I was never the prettiest girl in the group. When I was between 15 and 17, there were two girls in our group who got the most attention. One of them was called by most of our male friends: “Estrellita” (Little Star). Being the star of the group is not a pretty thing. At first sight they are pretty but after a few moments talking to them you can tell that they are empty. The other was kind of a Femme Fatale. Handle at your own risk.

After that, I had a boyfriend for over 3 years. When he left me and I had to go back to the (battle)field, my group of friends was different. Mostly we were 3 or 4. One of them being my sister.
Going out with my sister was always kind of fun because the men she liked mostly hit on me and the ones I liked, always went to her.
It’s difficult to say if my sister is prettier than me but she can dress to kill while I don’t give a crap about clothes. And when she dresses to kill, she kind of gives the vibe of: “I can eat you raw” and I know many men like that.
Long ago I wrote about the time that my sister was playing pool with the guy I liked until she saw that the guy she liked started talking to me. At that moment, she came to me, grab the guy she liked and gave the the pool pole saying something like: “Life is short and we may never see them again”.

One of the other girls of our group was never interested in men and until today, we don’t know if she really likes men or not.
The last girl, Veronica, is the kind of girl that I love but I could strangle about 20 times a day. She’s a brat, a teaser. And in my book, if you tease a guy, you better take care of that. But apparently, she owns another book. She needs constant attention and she knows she can attract men without any effort. (At least it was that way back in the early 90’s). Male attention used to give her a lot of power (or lift her self esteem).

In the summer of ’94 we (my sister, Veronica and I) went on holidays for one month to the south of Argentina. During the entire month we met several guys and for some reason, Veronica was keeping the score of how many men we each met.
The last day Veronica said: “Unbelievable, it’s a tie!! The three of us got the same amount of guys”.
We were on the train on the way back, 18 hours to go and suddenly a guy came in our wagon. If you ever experienced love at first sight, you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, I’ll try to explain it a bit.
I was sitting with my sister and Veronica and this guy (Christian) walked about 5 steps and at the same moment we looked at each other and trust me, I was struck by lightning right there and apparently he was too because he stopped where he was and a lot of people started forming a line behind him. About half a minute later he said to me: “You better stop staring or I’ll go and kiss you” and I’m shy and I know I move slow but if there is something that I have that’s super fast, it’s my brain/mouth connection. So I replied: “I’m waiting”. So he walked to where I was sitting, bent over and kissed me.

Then Veronica said: “How dare you win at the last minute?!?”. I’m sure she didn’t expect that, and if she did, she probably thought she was going to win somehow.
I’m not sure why Christian liked me. I don’t know if he had the time to see my sister or Veronica. I only know that he sat down besides me and we spent the rest of the trip hugging under a tent (that was the only thing we had to cover ourselves because it was cold (or maybe that’s what I want you to think).
We knew we were not going to be together for long time and that was never the issue. For some reason, it was clear from the beginning that we both wanted to be with the other right there and then. He was one of the only guys who never broke my heart, disappointed me or made me cry. And there are not many of those in my list.


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  2. Funny how these things work. Well, it was fun while it lasted!

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  3. I really enjoyed this… unexpectedly. Good storytelling style for your personal recollection. It takes me back too. Thanks for the sip of melancholy. Sounds like you guys would have been fun to play with. I wish I got to to travel through Europe. I’ve only been to the United States.

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    • 🙂 Traveling is amazing, I hope you get the chance to do it!
      And on that trip to the south of Argentina, I kissed a Canadian guy too! Christopher 🙂 He was studying geophysics and was working in the tundra, he was on holidays. He took me to watch the stars near the lake . (That’s the only Canadian on my list 😀 (for now!) Hahahahahaha!
      And I’m still fun!!! 🙂

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  4. I love, love, love this! That’s a sexy little story, and I can’t believe you hadn’t shared it until now. Aaahhh,youth!

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  5. Under a tent… uh huh.

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