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Monday. Today is Chinese New Year, so Happy New Year!
This year is the year of the Fire Monkey.
I wanted to write something about what to expect this Lunar year but I could only find information sign by sign and I didn’t feel like doing that for each of the 12 signs. So, if you are interested, you can look it up.

Chinese people are very superstitious. There are a number of things that they don’t do the first day of the year.
For example:

-They don’t take medicines. (Taking medicine means one will get ill for a whole year).
-They don’t eat porridge for breakfast because it’s considered that only poor people have porridge for breakfast, and people don’t want to start the year “poor” as this is a bad omen.
-They don’t do laundry because they celebrate the birthday of Shuishen (水神, the Water God).
-They don’t wash their hair. (Hair (发) has the same pronunciation and character as ‘fa’ in facai (发财), which means ’to become wealthy’. So it’s not a good thing to “wash one’s fortune away” at the beginning of the New Year.)
-They don’t use sharp objects (Knives and scissors are avoided as any accident is thought to lead to inauspicious things and depletion of wealth).
-Women may not leave her house or they’ll be plagued with bad luck for the entire coming year. (I wish I knew this before!!).
-If you sweep on this day your wealth will be swept away too.
-The cry of a child is believed to bring bad luck to the family, so parents do their best to keep children as happy as possible.
-Wearing damaged clothes can cause more bad luck for the year.
-Avoid white or black clothes (these two colors are traditionally associated with mourning).

And there are a few things that they do:

-Wear red because it brings good luck.
-Eat candy because it brings a sweet year.
-Open windows to let the good luck in.
-Let off fireworks to scare unfortunate spirits away.
-Eat tangerines and oranges for good luck.

Just in case, I have my red panties on and I will change my black scarf for a red one. Who knows, maybe my Lunar year is luckier than the Solar one.

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  1. funny, i wanted to do a post like this, but didnt find anything generally for the year either, so i dropped it 😉 can i share yours?

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  2. […] Source: 531 […]


  3. Nice fact finds, Paola! I don’t have red panties to wear, but I can do the black scarf. 😀

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  4. Well, happily I think most of the things I’m doing today will fit in on the lucky side. Let’s see if it ends up holding true.

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  5. That explains the fireworks! Cool!

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  6. Isn’t ‘panties’ such a wonderful word 🙂 and they’re so much sexier than thongs (yuck)

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  7. My wife is from Hong Kong and I’ll need to let her know she’s celebrating wrong. 🙂 More sweets for everyone is my favorite!! The tangerines and red/gold I’ve heard from her family every year. Maybe it’s like eating cabbage or black-eyed peas on Jan 1st or when my mother tells me not to wash laundry on that day – each family’s traditions are a little different. Thanks for posting!

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