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Wednesday. I never thought I would say this but I have to admit that men don’t have it so easy in the flirting department. I read several articles about how to flirt with women and I couldn’t stop shaking my head. Either there are not enough confident men or there are too many difficult women. And I hate to admit this but I think it’s more the second option than the first.
Also, there is not much valuable information online. Most of the sites give you a couple of tips and then they offer you to get “The Book” that you need to buy in order to learn all the good stuff.

And among the “free advice” that you get, can you imagine that one of the first flirting tips for men is:

-Be clean and hygienic
Come on, you men!! Do they really need to remind you of that??

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If you ignore the basics, you are not up to a good start!

-Body language
What your body is saying is almost as important as what’s coming out of your mouth. Try not to be too nervous (otherwise you could get unwanted twitches, or stutter, or make unconfident eye contact). Those things can make you not as “cool”.
It is important to display a sexy body language, for example:

Slowly smiling at her (not an obnoxious or nervous grin)
Briefly touching her as you talk (DO NOT try this with me or you could end up with one missing limb).
Appearing relaxed and laid back
Holding eye contact

-Eye contact
Remember to blink! Apparently, an unblinking stare creeps out most women. Also DO NOT brazenly eat her with your eyes because believe it or not, we can see the drool rolling near your mouth and that tends to turn us off (in the best cases). You could also get insults like “Stop staring, you bloody wanker” or a frown and a pretty disgusted face.
Try to avoid staring at her boobs. (TRY, I know you can do it).

-Be Yourself
That one is SO important. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, and please, do not agree to whatever the girl says because that’s not what most women want. We like men who are confident and not constantly seeking approval.

-Test her Sense of Humor
Just pay attention at the way she talks and what she says. Don’t curse or be vulgar. (Unless she is, then you kind of have her permission).

-Be Cocky and Funny
Most of us like a man who can make us laugh. But don’t be a jerk (the line is really thin there).

-Never give a direct answer.
WTF!!?! I can’t believe they advise such a thing. I get crazy when I don’t get a straight answer and I hate when the question gets back to me. But ok, maybe I’m in the minority here and the rest of us women like that kind of game.

-Project Confidence.
Without being arrogant!! Don’t brag about the things you have/are. Also, don’t be a “knows it all”, that’s irritating.

I’m amazed! I never thought guys had it so hard.
Now I understand my friend’s concern. He wonders: “How can a man flirt without being decapitated with lightning bolt eyes or getting his balls chopped off?”

I wish I had an answer for you. It seems that we women are not easy at all. One mistake and you are done. And sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to try.

Also the statistics are awful for you. It’s said that 35% of all women are sociable. From that 35%, you probably feel attracted to about 30% of them. In other words, you could have a good chance in 1 or 2 women out of 10.
And what happens when the 35% of sociable women are just not there? Could it be that the geographic distribution of sociable women is not homogeneous?
If so, I’ll have to believe when men say: “Women here are not like that”. (And with “like that”, they mean open minded).

I’m not saying it’s much easier for women to get a guy, but when we flirt, we can use some tricks that make us sexy or adorable.

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But what happens when men use some of those tricks?

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They are immediately labeled jerks or creepy. Definitely, creepy.

Dear men, you have my sympathy.
What can I say? Today, I’m thankful to be a woman.



~ by DotedOn on February 10, 2016.

17 Responses to “533”

  1. Yeah, I was with it until the whole don’t give a direct answer thing. Also, what’s up with only 35% of women being sociable. I thought we were the social ones.

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  2. Yup, it’s better not to try some of those things. I’d rather be considered shy over creepy!

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  3. In other countries men don’t have to worry about none of these things since they have the arranged marriage something.

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  4. The “dating scene” is set up to encourage men to be sex pests and women to be works of art. Guide books on how to be a pick up artist don’t help.

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    • You have NO IDEA how mad I am at all the situation. I wrote about it today.
      The thing is, there are two kind of women and I hate to be put in the wrong group. I despise teasers and bitches. I don’t like their games. It makes women like us look bad and it discourage men to live.
      Hugs and thanks for commenting 🙂

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  5. Was this guide book published in the 50’s? I love that “be yourself” is inserted in these “tips”. How can the poor guy be himself if he’s counting how many times he blinks, while trying to smile seductively without being creepy? I’d be amazed if he remembered to breathe. Poor guys!

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  6. Yep… please feel sorry for us guys. Mainly because, it is sometimes the only way we get any attention… 😀

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