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Dear men,
if you read yesterday’s post, you have now a little idea of what to do and what not to do when you want to flirt with a woman.
But, can you recognize when a woman is flirting with you?
Did it ever occur to you that a woman was acting kind of strange and you kept wondering if she was really flirting?
“Hmmmm. No… it must be my imagination. I don’t think she’s flirting with me”.

Apparently, we women ALWAYS use the same flirting techniques. A group of men took the time to document all these techniques and now they are available online for all the shy guys to read.

Well, take a look at the list below just to have an idea if a woman is flirting with you.

-She’ll get closer. She’ll be around where you are. She’ll try to listen to you conversations (if you are with friends).
-She’ll keep making eye contact and the look away.
-She’ll touch her hair, scarf or jewelry.
-She’ll smile at you.
-She’ll find reasons to keep talking to you.
-She’ll ask personal information.
-She’ll give you a flirtatious nickname.
-She’ll attempt to find out if you are single and how old you are.
-She’ll be touching you during the conversation.
-She’ll move closer to you while talking
-She’ll be laughing at all of your jokes (even the unfunny ones)
-She’ll come up with future plans.
-She’ll get jealous if you talk about other women.
-She’ll tease you about something.
-She’ll compliment you a lot.

Can you imagine these men going to bars and studying the women’s behaviors?
To be honest, I feel like if someone was spying on me. I could recognize many of the things on the list.
When you read that, everything seems very obvious, right? So why is it that some men miss or ignore those signs?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that they had a bad experience with a cold hearted teasing bitch. They saw they signs, they followed the protocol and in the end the bitch said: “WTF do you think you are doing?” “I just thought you were flirting with me” “Me? flirting with you? Please!!”.
After an experience like that, I don’t blame men for not trying.

What’s wrong with some women? Why can’t they just admit that they have feelings and needs too? What’s all this crap? What kind of game are you playing? That’s not hard to get, that’s easy to hate. And why do you think that your way is better than my way? Why do you give bad names to women like us? Why do you call us sluts? Is it your inability to do what you want to do because you are too worried about what other people may think of you?

Here it’s what one person think of you: You are a cold hearted teasing bitch. You ruin it for the rest of us who just want to enjoy life. And you are being horrible to men. And that in my book, it’s unforgivable.

I’m still so mad at you, bitches.








~ by DotedOn on February 11, 2016.

11 Responses to “534”

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  2. Ha, ha! Don’t hate the player, hate the game…or is that the other way around?? I hate it when guys don’t get you’re flirting. I actually never buy it and always think there’s another reason why they’re not picking up on your signals. Gay, girlfriend at home, intimidated, too drunk…

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  3. Paola, for the most part, this particular thread isn’t a thing for me, BUT I have to add this:

    I am a very friendly, talkative person. I’m one of those who can and will talk to anyone, wherever I am in public. Many times, my just being friendly has been taken as flirting. Because I smile? Because I make eye contact and am engaging? Because I enjoy conversation? Because I have a sincere interest in people? I tend to touch people (men AND women) when I talk sometimes, too, typically on the arm. I’m not flirting.

    Flirting typically has a seductive nature with the eyes, hair, body language, the TYPE of talk, how someone walks. That’s usually coupled with the other stuff, like trying to find out if someone’s single or working their way into opening opportunities to create something that’s more than friendly conversation.

    And for the type women who are stuck up bitches who insult men that way or consider themselves goddesses—yeah, I can’t stand them either, just the way I can’t stand men who are just as stuck up, and the ones who can’t keep their “mental dick” in their pants.

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    • I’m very friendly too (and I flirt my ass off, to be honest!!).
      I never had problem with the jerks, I could always handle them :). But women, they stab you on your back and say horrible things, I really don’t like that!

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  4. “That’s not hard to get, that’s easy to hate.” Such a great line.

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