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Friday. I noticed that we are better giving an advice to another person than using that same advice on ourselves.

I remember one time many years ago when my first son was a baby and we were visiting my family in Argentina. We were sitting at the table having lunch and my son was crying very loud because he was hungry. I was getting really desperate because I didn’t have enough hands to make his food small enough so I could feed him soon and make him stop. Then my sister said: “You have to teach him to be patient”.
I stopped what I was doing, gave her a deadly glaze and said: “Are you fu#$ing kidding me? Are you really telling me to teach someone to be patience?”.
Everyone around the table shut up and looked down. You could hear the tumble weed rolling far away in The Pampas.
My sister’s patience is inexistent and she could be compare with dynamite. Nobody really ever confronts her because nobody likes her crazy explosions. Nobody except me, of course. I never feared her, she makes too much noise and says horrible things but I learned how to be deaf when she’s has one of her episodes, and the louder she screams, the softer I say: “Calm down!”. Or I sing to her a piece of a song that says in Spanish: “Mi nombre es Cooler O’Connor” (my name is Cooler O’Connor), like saying: “be cool!!”. That works exactly as throwing kerosene to an open fire.
That day at the table, she just shut up and kept eating.

A few days ago I was talking to a friend while I was a feeling very sad. I noticed that my sadness affected him deeply, in such a way that I ended up cheering him up. And I said something like: “There is always going to be sad and crappy things around us and many of those things we won’t be able to change. But the important thing here is not to let those things affect us too much because we have to continue living. The show must go own”. And I laughed and said: “I better listen to my own advice, right?”.

What’s the moral of the story? You have all the answers you need.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! And even though I don’t like the melody of this song a bit, I must admit that the lyrics really touched me.
Enjoy Queen,

(written by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury & Roger Taylor)

Empty spaces, what are we living for
Abandoned places, I guess we know the score
On and on, does anybody know what we are looking for
Another hero, another mindless crime
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime
Hold the line, does anybody want to take it anymore
The show must go on
The show must go on, yeah
Inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on

Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance
Another heartache, another failed romance
On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
I guess I’m learning (I’m learning learning learning)
I must be warmer now
I’ll soon be turning (turning turning turning)
Round the corner now
Outside the dawn is breaking
But inside in the dark I’m aching to be free
The show must go on
The show must go on, yeah yeah
Ooh, inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on

Yeah yeah, whoa wo oh oh

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
I can fly, my friends
The show must go on (go on, go on, go on) yeah yeah
The show must go on (go on, go on, go on)
I’ll face it with a grin
I’m never giving in
On, with the show


~ by DotedOn on February 12, 2016.

13 Responses to “535”

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  2. This reminds me of a favorite movie quote:

    Dixie: What can you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?

    C.D. Bales: Huh?

    Dixie: It’s a riddle. What can you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?

    C.D. Bales: I don’t know.

    Dixie: A chair, a bed, and a toothbrush.

    C.D. Bales: What’s the point?

    Dixie: The point is that sometimes the answer is so obvious, you don’t even realize it. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

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  3. Yes, that song gives me chills every time knowing that he wrote it so close to his death.
    What was the line from The Wizard of Oz. Something about if you’re looking for something you don’t need to look any further than your backyard. A similar message to yours.

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  4. It is VERY true that with many things, as adults, we’ve heard or learned at some point. Whether it’s someone giving me advice or suggestions, or me giving someone else advice or suggestions, once it’s given, it’s up to the person receiving it whether they take it in or not, agree with it or not, or take action or not. Since it often involves change, whether in mind set, lifestyle or whatever, it’s rarely easy!

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  5. Great post, P. I’ve got the song cranked up right now! It feels like you’re coming out of the dark a little bit, and I hope that’s true. You have SO much to offer and I adore your sense of humor.

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