Wednesday. It’s not very often that I sit down to write and nothing comes out.
I’m very anxious and nervous today. My grandmother’s health is deteriorating. Last weekend the doctor said she had only a couple of days left so everyone rushed there to greet her.
When my grandma saw some of her grandkids who never visit, she started shouting: “Do you think I’m going to die? Is that why you are here?” She kept saying that to everyone who entered the room.
Those couple of days passed and she showed a bit of improvement. That day I called and I asked my mom if I should go there or not. My mom said she was going to ask my grandma and see if she remembered me. To my surprise, she did. And not only that, the next days she asked when I was going to be there.
Last night, my parents booked my ticket and I’m flying tomorrow. I only wish I get there on time.
I’m not so happy leaving my kids here but I can’t take them with me.

A lot of things need to be done before I leave so I better get moving.

~ by DotedOn on February 17, 2016.

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  2. I hope you get there, too, Paola. Safe travels oxox

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  3. Have a safe trip, Paola, and ENJOY yourself!

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  4. Sounds like she has some life in her yet but I guess we will see. It’s always difficult to lose a loved one. All my grandparents are long gone.

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  6. Have a safe trip, enjoy your family πŸ’•

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