Thursday. Not long after I started writing this blog, I decided to stop tagging the posts because it took too much time to decide how to tag them.
Every now and then I check the search terms just to see what drags people here.
Mostly it’s the ass groping, boob grabbing what brings all the attention so when I see a different search term, I try to recall which post may be associated to it.

These are this past week search terms:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.12.11 AM

Of course you can see the always present ass groping there.

There is a new search term: “I thinking I waiting” which I have no idea what the person who looked for it found in this blog.

“A message to you… my ex” I’m sure they found plenty of messages I said or wanted to say to my ex but I don’t think those were very useful.

And the one that caught my eye: “I caught you looking at my panties”. That one made me think for a while. Did I ever caught someone looking at my panties? If so, how? I don’t remember I had ever recreated the Basic Instinct scene where Sharon Stone open her legs and reveals that she wasn’t wearing any panties (and I don’t think that will happen to me because I can’t be without panties for too long and if I did try to do that for someone I’m pretty sure I won’t be writing about it in this blog).

Also, I don’t think I showed my panties while I was sitting down because mostly I wear high waist pants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.42.34 AM

And if you wear low waist pants and you catch someone looking at your panties you can feel you accomplished what you were looking for because I believe that the panties display is no accident in that case, but I may be wrong.

Another option could be that someone was searching in my night stand. But that never happened either.

The couple of times that the weather was nice and I decided to hang the wash outside, I took special care of hanging my panties on the last line and they were impossible to see unless you removed all the other clothes in front of them.

So the last option is my ex mother in law. Remember the time when I asked a friend to get red panties for my cousin, put them in a bag with my name and let them in my ex’s house? That had to be it. The super nosy and invasive woman couldn’t resist the urge to know what was in the bag that had my name and had to look.
I’m really sorry I didn’t catch her looking at my panties, I would have LOVED to see her face when she saw the red tiny panties delivered to her son’s house. Take that, bitch!

See what happens when I have time to think?


~ by DotedOn on March 10, 2016.

29 Responses to “562”

  1. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE.


  2. You get the strangest search queries! I’m not complaining. Maybe I’m just jealous. 😉

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  3. Those are some interesting search terms

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  4. Yes, quite a line of thought here! I used to find myself in the unfortunate situation of having my thongs whale tail out of my low rise jeans and it was never on purpose. After it happened a couple of times, I try to not let it happen again. I don’t think it’s an attractive look and it’s also uncomfortable.

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  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who looks at my search terms and scratching my head as a result. Some just can’t be explained.

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    • You are not alone! 🙂
      Long ago I wrote about my experience son a bus and I mentioned the ass groping happening in the Japanese subway and why they have “female only” wagons. After that day, it seems that every person looking for information about that, gets to my blog 🙂
      But the panties search are not really clear to me yet 🙂


  6. 😀 not guilty Paola none of those are mine 😉 lol. As for ladies showing their thongs now that is tacky no getting away with that one, personally I’m not keen on ‘strings’ I lady looks fab in cotton briefs very sexy …………… btw I love your kooky observational posts.

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  7. I’ve never looked at my search terms but now I’m curious..

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  8. I’m sorry… you lost me at “staring at panties”… what were you saying? (just kidding, although, you do talk about panties a lot, so maybe just that alone was enough to trigger a look-see by the purveyor of the search term. /shrug)

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