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Saturday. I got awake around 5.30am and couldn’t get back asleep so I stayed daydreaming and playing on my iPod.
Around 8am I felt quite tired and when I was about to fall asleep, the bell rang. I wondered who could be so early and if it was a smart plan to ignore it.
A few days ago I ordered a few things online and I had tracked the order and it was written that the delivery was going to be on Monday in the late afternoon.

For over a year, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are coming every month to my house to give me their magazine. I mentioned that when I first moved here and they came, I said I didn’t speak German. So the following week they sent people speaking English. I thought: “Oh crap!” so I said my English wasn’t good enough. And that’s when they decided to send people speaking Spanish. So for very long time I’m not opening the door when I see them. That means hiding behind boxes, ducking or staying really quiet and flat against a wall. The only problem is when my kids are home. When they hear the bell, they run to open the door.
The last time they were here, one of the women said she’d like to come in and discuss The Bible with me, “How would I like that?”. Honestly, I wouldn’t like that at all.

So this morning I was sure I was going to see the two women in front of my door but instead of that, I saw the delivery van.
Since I was still in bed and didn’t have enough time to dress up, I rushed to the door and saw the guy leaving. When he heard the sound of the door opening, he turned around and when he saw me all sleepy and with my nightgown on, he smiled really wide. So I had to smile back. He walked towards me, made me sign on his machine and gave the the package.
He kept looking at me like saying: “Busted!”. I was laughing.
Then he said: “Thank you”. I looked confused and I said: “Thank YOU”.

Then I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. I feel much better now.


~ by DotedOn on March 12, 2016.

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  2. Sounds like a cute encounter with the delivery man, Paola πŸ™‚

    And you would be doing yourself and the Witnesses a favor if you were honest rather than beating around the bush. Their purpose is to help you, but if you really don’t want that kind of help, be very straight and tell them you appreciate their effort, but will never, ever want to study the Bible. Ask them not to come anymore and chances are, you won’t see them, or at least not for a very long while. If they come again, it’s in the hopes that you’ve possibly changed your mind and want to learn.

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  3. Well at least the story had a happy ending. Yeah, you really can’t talk to those Jehovah Witness people at all. They find everything encouraging.

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