Sunday. I have a fake Facebook account that nobody who knows me personally, knows. I have my reasons why I don’t have a real account and one of them is because I don’t have time for that. I don’t have time to read or like the hundreds of things people share every day and I really don’t like people thinking I’m rude for not participating.
That’s why I opted for not having one. I think that I save myself a lot of trouble.
On my fake account I have mostly people who I met playing online games and they know I don’t like or share anything except my picture that I change when I get tired of it.

A couple of days ago I read something.
I thought the message was beautiful but I could only shake my head thinking: “Really? Why don’t you follow what you preach?”

That’s what I read.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.18.09 AM

This is more or less what it means.

There are kisses that are given, persons who are hugged, words that are said, follies that are done. Life happens quickly and sometimes it could be really short. There is no time to think, no time to go slow, no time to plan: things change, people die, the clock never stops ticking… It’s not about catching the moment but about being able to die today, tomorrow or in one hundred years saying: “I did everything, even what I feared”.

I think that the person who shared that probably did it because he needed to learn the lesson. A lesson that he could have learned a couple of times in his life but maybe for fear or comfort, he chose not to do.
I know how much he regretted his poor choices and I could see how he lost the sparkle in his eyes. I also know that there isn’t a day in his life when he doesn’t wonder what could have been and why he didn’t have the balls to do what he really wanted to do.
He thought at the time that he was sparing the suffering to the people around only to find out that he cause twice as much damage and that the pain he felt, he would keep feeling it for the rest of his life.

Once you find what makes you really happy, you should stick with it. Chances are that if you let it go, you’ll never be able to replace it and you’ll spend the rest of your life keeping yourself busy or doing whatever you find to do just to keep that memory away. But at night, when you’ll try to sleep the memory will come back to chase you and the only thing you’ll be able to think it’ll be: “How could I be so dumb to let that go!?”.

There are many things that you can replace. Love is not one of them.


~ by DotedOn on March 13, 2016.

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  2. So true!

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  3. Love is definitely not one of them.

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