Monday. I was thinking earlier, when a person who loves you hurts you, knowing that they are hurting you, what’s the normal procedure?
Do you put the other cheek and tolerate all their punches with the hope that they’ll stop at one point? Or you fight back?

I’m confused. I think I tried both options and none of them works. If you stay there to take the punches, you are seen as a doormat. If you fight back, there is a big chance that the person gets mad at you. But if you don’t put a limit things can get out of control.

What’s the right thing to do?
Maybe trying to stop the punches in the air and hug the person very tight. Tell the person there is no need to be mean and hurt and that it doesn’t matter how dark things seem right now, they’ll get better.
And if things don’t get better? Are you also a liar?


~ by DotedOn on March 14, 2016.

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  2. The normal procedure is to take petty revenge by waiting a while and finding something you know will hurt them but requires little effort and can be plausibly explained. Bingo – no-one wins and you’re both unhappy. Hooray for relationships.

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  3. Oh gosh, a tough one for sure but I think if you’re talking about someone you truly love, and they love you back, then any way you react should be acceptable to them. I would just try to stay calm and not jump to any conclusions at first.

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  4. Hmmm…well, first: there is no “normal.” πŸ™‚

    I guess it depends on how they’re hurting you, why they’re hurting you and how often they do it. They need to be told they’re hurting you though, in case they don’t realize it or aren’t caring. It’s not easy, but you don’t want/need to be verbally abused, certainly not repetitively.

    And saying things “will” get better doesn’t mean you’re a liar. Obviously no one has a crystal ball so it’s a hopeful, hypothetical statement. Typically, in one way or another things can get better, but it’s usually a mix of what does and doesn’t get better and when. Life’s a rollercoaster and all too often—you throw up! *sigh*

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  5. Here’s what I learned from Alcoholics Anonymous. You be honest, direct and let them know the boundaries. You can only control yourself (well sometimes,) but you can’t control how others react. If they become angry or hurt, whatever, that’s their issue. As long as you are honest, then your side of the street is clean. I

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  6. Well, my philosophy on this is based out of a bible teaching. If someone strikes you on the cheek, give them the other one (which is pretty much what you said (and at this point, let’s just call the rest of this my interpretation of things). Now, that person goes off and hits that other check.. well, there is no biblical principle regarding this, so I say… punch back or run. Granted, I’m all about the punch back because that dude just took two swings at me and one of them was prompted by my own willingness to overlook his first offense… so, I hope he is ready for the can of whoop I’m about to bring.

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  7. If someone loves you, then they care if they hurt you. You tell them you’re hurting without attacking back. If they don’t change, then maybe the love isn’t there, and you leave. But love means a lot of patience and second chances!

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