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Thursday. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. This year, I won’t be drinking a Guinness beer because thank goodness, I still remember how I felt after last year’s celebration.
I was searching for some Irish stew or bread or cake to make today but nothing really inspired me.

My youngest son didn’t like that I didn’t let him eat cake or have dessert the last couple of days so he’s being a little pain in the ass. We all agreed that he has to learn to behave and the only way for him to learn it’s if all of us stay strong and make him understand that NO is NO.
I’m not sure if it’s everywhere the same but the youngest child is mostly the one who gets away with everything and hardy has to fight to get things because either they are great actors/manipulators and everyone falls for their tricks or everyone around is tired of fighting and just accepts and gives whatever the little one wants.
At least, that happened until two days ago when he ate the birthday cake and now his siblings are paying for something that they say they are not guilty of and shouldn’t be punished for.
It’s impossible for me to know for sure who is to blame but all indicates that he was the only one who ate the cake and now the others are mad and won’t forgive him.
For me, that’s great. This way they all learn the lesson.

The moral of the story:

You better listen to mom because if she’s pissed, you won’t like it but if she’s happy, everyone is happy.

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~ by DotedOn on March 17, 2016.

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  2. Yes, if mom’s happy, everyone is happy! I think the dynamic is different for the youngest in a big family but my daughter is definitely babied a bit….but also, she’s a lot younger than my son.

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  3. Have to keep mama smiling!

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  4. I’m the youngest of seven and I can assure you I had it far better than my siblings. They’d look in awe at the things I got away with. I was a spoiled brat and with my parents no didn’t mean no. I think by the time I came around they were just too exhausted to fight.

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    • I can totally understand being too exhausted to fight πŸ™‚
      At my age, my grandma was already a grandma and I have a son who’s 3. I’m tired and I know it’s not fair for the others but either they help me, or I’ll give up πŸ™‚

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  5. In the military… you learn really quick… if one fails, we all fail. It’s that simple. Sure, it sucks for the person who is always failing, but hopefully, they get better. Hopefully.

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