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Monday. Now four of my kids are sick and I’m not feeling great. A day like today is when you really appreciate the hard work nurses do.
So far, I think I’m quite lucky. Nobody vomited outside the toilet. Probably because my oldest son didn’t get sick yet. If he does, there is a huge chance that I’ll be cleaning puke from walls and ceiling. I still don’t know how he does it.

I didn’t sleep very much last night either because my youngest son came to my bed about 10pm with a very high fever. He insisted to be near me the entire night so it was like sleeping with an electric blanket. Right now he’s on my lap and I’m writing with one hand. He doesn’t want to let me go.

I really can’t imagine doing what I’m doing for someone who’s not family or friend. Taking care of sick people is very stressful.
I’m not sure I could give a sponge bath to a strange person. Some body fluids really creep me out. Nagging gets to my nerves.
I could never be a real nurse because I’d suck at it. I’d be fired on my first day.

I want to dedicate this to all the nurses out there (except the few assholes who made my life miserable when I delivered my kids). Thank you to all the others.


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And Happy Spring! (Because I’m sure the sun is shining somewhere).



~ by DotedOn on March 21, 2016.

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  2. Yes, it definitely takes a special type of person to work in the medical field. Hope your kids are feeling better soon!

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  3. I agree 🙂 I’ve had nothing but good experiences in hospitals. Get well soon.

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  4. I sat and slept on a cot with a friend for weeks while he was dying. If it wasn’t for the kindness of the nursing staff, I don’t know how I would have made it.

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  5. I think you just gave me a bunch of reasons to date a nurse… but that list did leave off one minor (pivotal) point… the nurse’s outfit… Hello Nurse! http://th01.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2011/080/8/7/hello_nurse_by_icelion87-d3c5avr.png

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  6. ER nurses for sure

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