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Wednesday. Some time ago someone asked me if I ever got a massage, a real and good massage. I answered that I hadn’t because I tried to remember if some of my exes had ever massage me and I couldn’t remember any of them doing it.
The main reason for that is that I rather give a massage than get one so if you ask me if I ever gave one (we are still talking about a massage), the answer will be: Yes, many times! Add to that that I’m not a fan of physical contact, unless it’s sex… (I had to clarify that).
Then the other night when I couldn’t sleep I remembered a stranger giving me a very long massage (and it wasn’t the physiotherapist that I was ordered to see when I fainted without reason because I was very stressed).

It was ’95 while traveling with my sister and a friend. We were in Norway and our plan was to go back to Germany. We took a train and we didn’t know that in the middle of the night that train would go in a boat and that we were going to cross the sea that way. So we were talking and suddenly the train stopped and then we felt like we were going in some kind of tunnel and there was a lot of noise and we didn’t really know what was happening. It was very late and we were exhausted because we had left pretty early that morning. Nor my sister or my friend wanted to get out and check what the hell was happening. We were in a cabin and they really wanted to sleep. (Some trains here in Europe have cabins with 6 seats and if they are not reserved, you can take them if you want. The nice thing with those it’s that if you pull down the seats, you can make 4 beds).
So we were occupying 3 of the beds and then a German guy entered our cabin and asked: “Is that bed taken?” It wasn’t taken so he took it.
My sister and my friend fell asleep. I couldn’t sleep when we were only the three of us and now that this guy was in the cabin too I was sure there was NO WAY I could ever fall sleep.
Then the guy said: “We are on a boat, would you like to go and seat on the deck with me?”. “Sure, would you like to have a beer with me?” “Oh yeah!”
So we went to the bar, got our beers and sat on the deck under the beautiful summer sky.
At that time, my alcohol tolerance was very low and half beer was pretty much enough to make me dance on the table. So when Joachim (at that time I knew pretty much all about him), asked me if I wanted another beer, I thought very smart to decline his offer.
He drank his second beer and said: “Should we go to bed?” Oh crap.
So we went back to our cabin and sat on my bed. Then he said: “Would you let me massage your back?”. Holy f#$k… Believe it or not, I didn’t know how to decline that one so I said: “OK”.
Twenty thousand thoughts crossed to my mind about what he could do to me. He was about 1.90m/6’2″ft and I was tipsy and exhausted so when he said: “Lay down on your belly”, I obeyed.
So he pulled up my t-shirt. I think I was shaking at the time and probably very tense. But that was nothing… You should have seen my face when he unhooked my bra… My thoughts were: “I’m screwed”.
He started massaging me and kept massaging me. Who knows for how long because I’m sure I fell asleep for some time and then I woke up and he was still massaging me. Then I guess I passed out because the next thing I remember was waking up in the morning and feeling as good as new.
My sister and friend asked me later: “What did you do with the German guy, we woke up and you were not there”
“We had a beer on the deck and then he gave me a massage”
“So now it’s called a massage!!”

I never saw Joachim again but when I got back to Argentina, I found a letter from him in my mailbox.
Sweet guy. I’m sure he could make any girl happy. He kind of fixed me and that’s not an easy task.


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  2. Wow, a massage and no strings attached. Now, that’s the kind of happy ending I did not expect! Ha, ha!

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  3. Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Oh how I’ve missed reading you, Paola.
    Seems like the massage was very nice. Wish we could trade places for that. I love physical contact. But I don’t end up getting as much of it as I want. Except while I’m working, of course. But that’s mostly me giving the contact. I give very good massages though. So maybe when I finally come to visit, I’ll give you a couple.
    Good to be back and reading you, my darling friend.

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  4. šŸ™‚ what a sweet story.

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