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Thursday. If I decide to become a fortune teller, would you pay me to predict your future ?
You see, I’ve been told I’m good at that but I don’t think it’s true. The only thing I remember saying to a few people was something like this: “Right now, you have nothing. You can either take a risk and try to gain something or you can stay there and wait. If you choose to wait, you’ll also gain something. You’ll gain the memory that you didn’t do what you could have done because you didn’t have the courage to take that risk when you had the chance”.
But I believe anyone can tell you that, right?

Plus, I’m afraid of those things. Many years ago I let a friend of my parents read the tarot cards to me. You won’t believe this but all the things he said that were going to happen, happened. My question was always this one: “Could he really see the future? Or I got so influenced by what he said that I made those thing happen?”
And since I couldn’t answer that question, I never let anyone else tell me my future except for this lady from Vietnam who was taking Dutch lessons with me and offered to read my palms.
She said: “You’ll marry a man who wins the lottery”. Nice, right?
What she never said was if I was going to marry the guy after he won the lottery of if he has to marry me first… In that case, will he think he won the lottery because he got me? (Please, let me dream).

It’s past 5pm, I better get my ass moving and start preparing dinner because I can already see my near future: Five kids saying they are hungry.

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~ by DotedOn on March 31, 2016.

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  2. Ha, ha! If you say something vague enough, it will probably come true somehow or other.

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  3. I’ve had a couple of tarot reads, but that’s it. The idea of knowing what’s coming does not seem like something I want.

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  4. Be careful with that stuff, Paola. That person couldn’t tell the future–no human can, but I very strongly believe there are entities that hear what’s said and can “nudge” things to make “magic” and “fortune telling” seem real because it’s one of the MANY things that pulls you away from believing what’s true. I won’t get into faith, but it’s what I’m referring to. And it also has a lot to do with the influence. If you believe what they’re saying, when something similar happens, you act accordingly and all of it seems pre-ordained. I experienced something VERY freaky a few years back and although I know what the true source of these type things are, it was so convincing I briefly toyed with it. Thank God I was helped to see it properly again—what I’d already known and was temporarily confused anyway.

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  5. I’m split on this. I’m agnostic but I believe we can all be ‘in tune’ with each other on a scientific level. If insects can communicate with antennae why can’t humans connect on a metaphysical level? I just had to respond because of the comment above. The world is a big,big place and nobody truly “knows the truth”

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  6. I like your saying. It’s got a nice bit of gumption to it.

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