Friday. I feel like the weather. It’s a crappy day. I wish so much things were different. I refuse to accept some things that I cannot change because deep down I think there is a chance that things will change anyway. Is that crazy?
I know I’m an optimist and a dreamer but am I going too far?
Should I just accept and let go? If so, will I ever be able to live with the thought that I didn’t fight or didn’t wait enough?
Life is hard sometimes. Making decisions is not easy.
What is it harder, staying stuck and unhappy or taking a risk and try to be happy?
I always choose happiness and love. Who’s with me?

IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE, I only want to lie down with the love of my life besides me, listen to this song and live happily ever after.

Enjoy Ottmar Liebert playing “Bombay – Night of Dream”


~ by DotedOn on April 15, 2016.

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  2. Hey, you know, I know it sounds really awful but it really is a choice to be happy…especially when it comes to letting little things bother you. That is, in most cases. I think it’s harder if you’re clinically depressed. Sometimes I worry about you my friend.

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  3. Depression is not something you can shake off and be happy. Millions of us have tried. However, you eventually can learn to accept the lows and know they will eventually pass. It takes a lot of effort, though

    It’s wonderful you are in love. I met the love of my life ten years ago and every morning I want to stay under the covers and curl up with him all day. I have no doubt that desire will continue through the rest of our lives.

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  4. Paola its ok to feel bad. feel it. it wont last forever. You will get through this crappy time. You are strong. Give yourself some credit, your a fighter! ❤ xo

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