Sunday. When I don’t sleep well I feel cold. Last night at around 3.30am, my youngest son woke up. He was screaming. I could hear that he was coming to my bedroom so I didn’t bother to get up. Once he was there, he screamed some more. I couldn’t understand him so I turned on the light and then I could see the problem. He was vomiting. Great. Cleaning vomit is horrible and to do it in the middle of the night, even worse. After I finished cleaning the floor I asked him if he had vomited somewhere else. “Yes, my bedroom”. So I went to clean there.
He’s small so he didn’t have to open the door completely to get out of the room but I did have to open it wide to get in. I didn’t expect what I found. Sweet child had vomited just there, behind the door, so when I opened the door I spread the vomit. That took a long time to clean.
When I finally finished, I went back to my room and found my son standing there. I said: “Let’s change your shirt, that one is dirty”.
Then I said: “You’ll stay the rest of the night here with me”. I put a towel on my bed and said to him: “If you have to vomit again, please do it on the towel”.
He said: “OK”. Then he climbed on my bed and I discovered that he had vomit on his socks and that the vomit was all over my bed. I had to clean that too.
Then I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. I think it was past 4.30am when I could fall asleep.
At 5am my son screamed again and I just managed to turn on the light to see how he vomited on me.
There are a few things that you shouldn’t do to a sleep deprived person. One of them is vomiting on them at 5am because their reaction could be a bit violent.
I was shouting. “Please, vomit on the towel”. He didn’t. He just moved his head and aimed at my blanket. “On the towel, PLEASE!!”. Third shot aimed at the pillows. “On the towel! On the towel! ON THE TOWEL!!”. I believe I woke up the entire town because my oldest son who sleeps like a rock came to my room to see what was happening.
“This is the last time you sleep in my bedroom. Do you understand that? If you like to vomit, do it on your bed. Not on mine. And not on me”

I was shaking. I just wanted to sleep, instead, I was cleaning more vomit.
After I finished my head hurt and I could smell the vomit everywhere. I didn’t know where to put my nose and I was freezing.

This morning my son opened his eyes, he hugged me and said: “I will never vomit again”.
I could cry. I’m an asshole. Poor boy. I probably scarred him for life. I just wanted him to vomit on the towel, not all over me and my bedroom. I said: “You can vomit again, just do it in the toilet”. “Can I also use a bucket?” “Of course you can”.
This is another year that I will compete for the “Worst Mom Award”.

And I’m still cold. I can’t believe it can be this cold. I just took a screenshot of the weather app. That doesn’t look like a bright future.


It’s end of April. We should be getting a bit of spring weather. I’m not asking for shorts yet, but come on… Snow?!?! 4 degrees Celsius is like 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Unbelievable!

~ by DotedOn on April 24, 2016.

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  2. Oh goodness, sorry he is sick!

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  3. That sounds like a horrible night. My mom used to lay us in the bed and put a bucket next to the bed. And as far as the “worst mom” award, she wouldn’t let us lay in bed with her, it was either in our own or on the floor. Her bed was a sacred and holy place, or at least that is how us heathen children viewed it.

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  4. Hi Twiin
    He sounds like vommiting is a norm.
    Have a great day. Have the form, it will be next week if I can get to post after
    Take care

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  5. It’s nice that he gave you a hug 🙂

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  6. awe noooo, vomit, icky. but your not the worlds worst mom! no one likes vomit on them, no matter who they are. cold weather your all having, it was 8 c here today. XX

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