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Monday. First of all: Dear Prince (my Prince), if you are reading this, please don’t freak out. Or better, freak out, maybe this will make you get here sooner.
Do you have a person (or persons) that you think you will always like? For example, an ex, someone from school, a crush? I do. I have to admit that I have a few.
If you also have, you will probably understand me better. If you don’t, well… I can’t help you with that.
Let’s start with the friends of the exes. You know that stupid “guy’s code” that won’t allow your exes’ friends date you. Ugh.
That meant a long life of sighting every time I saw this guy who people call Pacho and I still ignore his real name. That one used to make my eyes blink 45 times in 10 seconds. I probably talked to him 5 times in 20 years because I couldn’t really breathe properly when he was around. Or, I had to play it cool because all the ex’s friends were there.

Then there is Rodrigo. Another ex’s friend. Did I mention the time I wanted to leave a note on the windshield of his car just when he was exiting the building with his girlfriend? That could have made a really funny movie, Mr. Bean sort of movie. Duck and run. Hide and never use that street again.

Then there is Thorleif, the Norwegian guy. I met this one while I was with my latest ex. We (the 3 of us) used to work together. I will not describe him because you’ll think I treat men like objects… But if I do, I want you to know that I really love those objects.
I think I liked Thorleif immediately and the strange thing was that mostly, I never like very open and bold guys. I tend to go for the quiet and shy (the one I can discover). For some reason, he kind of like me too so we spent most of the time flirting. We didn’t give a crap who was around, it was just fun to do it.
He was studying to be a physiotherapist/chiropractor so I didn’t miss the chance to say: “If you need a body to practice, I’m all yours”… And you know how much I hate people touching me… But ok, I didn’t mind him touching me. So a few times a week while I was on the phone (call center) he would stand behind me and massage/crack my neck, shoulders… And I’m still not sure how I could do my job.
If you ask what did I give in return? I also massaged him.
I think that people started thinking that he was my boyfriend or that there was something going on… But no, I had still my boyfriend. So one day my then boyfriend (my ex) asked me: “Do you like Thorleif?” And I HATE lying but I stared at him and said: “NO”. So I hope he never reads this.
He was the kind of guy that I had to make him be friends with my ex hoping that he also had “the code”. And I’ll explain why.

I told you about my imagination, right? So imagine the kind of fantasies I had with this guy. One of them was “the elevator” fantasy. I wished I had the chance to be alone with him in an elevator. Until it happened… Holy f#$k. I was about to go up and then I heard steps so I hit the “open door” button and when I saw Thorleif there I almost fainted. We had to go only 4 floors up but trust me, they felt like 400. I was leaning against the mirror, he came near me and said: “I bet you are a great kisser”… OH MY!!
I didn’t know what to say, so I said with a smile: “Maybe”.

A couple of days later he said: “Let’s go to the movies tonight” “OK”… Then I was like “ok?? shouldn’t I see if my boyfriend agrees with it?” So I went to him and said: “I’m going to the movies with Thorleif. See you at home later”.
If 4 floors almost killed me, you have to imagine the over two hours of the movie experience. I believe I said I had a stiff neck so I tried to concentrate on the big screen and never, not once, turn my head to the left where he was sitting.
Yes, that was me. With the blinders on…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.27.58 AM

I was praying for him not to touch me or whisper in my ear because I knew I would lose it.

In the end of 1999 the company decided to rent the local swimming pools’ place and celebrate the end of the year there. That’s the actual place on the picture.


So I was there with my colleagues (ex included) and at the time I probably drank 4 beers a year and had had maybe 2 glasses of wine in total (counting my entire life) but I was about to break the record soon… With 4 glasses of red wine in a couple of hours.
I learned that when you drink 3 glasses of wine diving or doing somersaults underwater is not a good idea. Anyway, I was in the jacuzzi (if you pay close attention, you can see it on the kind of top left of the picture) with a couple of friends and Thorleif, drinking my 4th glass of wine and suddenly everyone in the jacuzzi started saying: “KISS! KISS! KISS!” So we approached each other, nose to nose… and I chickened out.

I learned that day that I have a conscience… Darn conscience.

~ by DotedOn on April 25, 2016.

13 Responses to “608”

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  2. you have a conscience, but now no thorleaf, and no ex, a kiss wouldn’t have hurt! Maybe you can look him up now? get back in touch? would it work? XX

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    • Nooo! He’s not the one I want and I’m not settling for less πŸ™‚
      I’m glad about your dad, I only read the title of your post. I’ll be catching up soon!
      many hugs πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve never agreed with the “flirting is harmless” adage. It’s bull! I’m amazed your boyfriend didn’t break up with you, unless, of course, he was doing the same thing as you were–with a woman, of course.

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    • Donna, if he had broken up with me then, he would have spared me so much pain!! πŸ™‚
      He never flirted with me. He never made me feel special. He never was proud of me. Also, it seemed that he enjoyed my failures.
      I know what I did was wrong but I guess I needed it at the time… And now I need it too πŸ™‚


      • then what I’m thinking is you should’ve broken up with your boyfriend and gone with the guy who made you happier

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      • He didn’t make me happier πŸ™‚
        He just made me laugh and fantasize. It’s strange how the mind works, Donna!
        I’m not sure if that only happens with me but many times while I was in a relationship, I felt that there was something missing and I found that something in someone else. Small things. It’s hard to explain.
        One day I felt MANY things were missing and could see clearly that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. πŸ™‚


  4. You like to teeter on the edge, don’t you? Sorry your conscience had to get in the way, b ut it’s good you listened to it. At least I think it’s good.

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  5. Sometimes, it’s ok to be a chicken… and then…

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