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Tuesday. What happens when you expect one thing and you get another one?
Let’s dig a bit to understand. For example, you plan to meet someone and you expect that person to be in a certain way. Then time passes and you realize they were not what you imagined or things didn’t go according the idea you had about how things were supposed to go.

Last week I wrote about my friend Mike who placed and add on Craigslist to find a f#$king buddy and he ended up in love with the woman. That didn’t work out pretty well but it could have been different. Like let’s say my parents who met only because my mom was manless when her best friend was getting married so the husband to be introduced her to someone (my dad) who he didn’t even know in the flesh because they only talked on the phone buying and selling products. So I imagine something like:
“Hey Julio, I’m getting married in three days and my bride’s best friend just got her heart broken. Would you like to be her plus one?”
“How ugly she is?”
“She’s not bad, long dark hair, big brown eyes”
“All the teeth?”
“As far as I can see”
“Why is she single?”
“Her boyfriend tried to have sex with her in his Fiat 600”
“Holy cow!”


“So, can I count you in?”
“Yeah, ok… I’m free on Saturday”

So that’s how they met. I don’t believe any of them expected to like the other one. And I still can’t believe how desperate my mom had to be to accept to have a date with the guy who bought some stuff from her best friend’s future husband.

It’s freaking snowing!! April 26th. Ugh. If my kids ask me if Santa is coming to town, I’ll have a heart attack.

Going back to the subject above. Many years ago I met a guy. He was very handsome and 19 at the time. We had a short relationship and after we broke up I thought: “What a shame! He was really nice to look at. I guess he’s just another pretty face.”
Over 10 years passed and I met that guy again while I was with 2 of my kids and pregnant with the 3rd one. He was still as handsome as before, more mature and kind of nice. He also helped me carry my youngest son because he had fallen asleep.
More years passed and I got in contact with him again. He’s still single and if he was hot before, he’s even hotter now.
I remember him at 19 and my disappointment then but I also remember him being super nice helping me with my kids. So I had formed an image of him in my head. “He’s a freaking hot guy who helped me with my kids because we know each other for so long.”

What happened now is that I got to talk longer to him and discovered that he’s a REALLY nice man. He’s not superficial as I previously thought.
I’m kind of disappointed. I really wanted him to be only a pretty face and not someone I could like. He doesn’t want kids so he’s out of the question.

Anyway. He’s not The One and I know that for sure. I’m not settling for less than perfect and I’m not even going to try where that could go.
I know what I want and I’m going to get it.

And that’s my mom with me. I’d say end of 1972.


~ by DotedOn on April 26, 2016.

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  2. Funny how our impressions of people can change! Nice pic! You look like your mom!

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  3. Am I allowed to say good looking woman? Oh and a lovely story it wouldn’t work settling for less than you want, exactly right Paola and I’ve been there, a lady I met said I wasn’t her type, it hurt at the time but she was lovely about it and deep down I knew ‘us’ wouldn’t work. (Btw him trying to have sex in a 600 made me laugh 😀 what did he do? Make a lunge for ‘it?’

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    • Of course you are allowed, Andrew! 🙂
      I’m not sure what he did but my mom is still shocked 😀
      (We still joke with her that she left him because the car was uncomfortable and not because she was horrified 😀 )

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  4. The best think that worked for me was NOT to look for the one. After a horrible relationship ended I decided I was only going to date and have f**ck buddies and it worked great for about two years and then BAM I ran into the one. Ten years later we’re married and just as in love as the day we met.

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  5. you have snow? holy moley. in april? wow. xxx

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  6. Well, I would love some cold here. Although, the weather here is beautiful, at the moment. And love that photo.

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