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Wednesday. I know what I want and I’m fighting to get it. But what happens if I don’t get it? Should I have a plan B?
Mostly, I never have a plan B. I jump to the pool and I discover if there was water in it or not, once I’m there.
I believe that having a backup plan sometimes is like being pessimistic. It’s like you are starting with the wrong mindset. A part of you knows that things could go wrong and sometimes when you do that, it’s like attracting the negative energy.

A couple of days ago I wrote about knowing what I wanted. If I get it, great. If I don’t… then I’ll see what’s going to happen next.

Todd at psibrone.wordpress.com left a comment saying he knew what he wanted but he was afraid he wasn’t going to get it.

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So I replied that not being sure if he was going to get what he wanted, didn’t mean that he should stop fighting.

And I really liked his reply:
“To stop fighting for what you want is the surest way to never get it”.

I know of people who sit and wait. They get comfortable. They wait for the right moment. But how can you tell when the moment is right? And if you miss it?
This moment is as good as any moment.
As we say in my country: “Al mal paso, dale prisa”. Let’s get it over and done with.
You have only today.

~ by DotedOn on April 27, 2016.

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  2. Very inspiring! So what are you fighting for?

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  3. Your mother proves waiting for someone is a waste of time, I don’t believe in fate life is a matter of luck and chance, the fact people find their life partner or soul mate is completely by chance say doubling up on a date, my mother and father happened to meet in a Northern dance hall and subsequently married for 55 years! Everybody has dating opinion’s and it’s not easy and I DO realise waiting isn’t the answer 🙂

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  4. That guy has some really good advice. I should probably listen to him.

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  5. you have only today, yes, I love that. how true. XX

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