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Friday. Brainwashed. Is it possible that someone else knows better than you what you want or what you need?
For me, that’s really hard to believe because I know what I want.
And then, is it possible to want something really badly and then change your mind in a matter of hours? That one is hard to believe too.
And if someone says something to you and then tells you that it was all a lie, how would you feel? Sad? Heartbroken? Betrayed? All of the above?
Ugh. I’m shaking my head. Things shouldn’t be so complicated.

And IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE and I wanted to pick a song according to what I wrote but I can’t really think of anyone. So I chose my favorite Pink Floyd song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

(written by Roger Waters)

Through the fish eyed lens of tear stained eyes
I can barely define the shape of this moment in time
And far from flying high in clear blue skies
I’m spiralling down to the hole in the ground where I hide
If you negotiate the minefield in drive
And beat the dogs and cheat cold electronic eyes
And if you make it past the shotguns in the hall
Dial the combination, open the priesthole
And if I’m in I’ll tell
There’s a kid who had a big hallucination
Making love to girls in magazines
He wonders if you’re sleeping with your new found faith
Could anybody love him?
Or is it just a crazy dream?
And if I show you my dark side
Will you still hold me tonight?
And if I open my heart to you
And show you my weak side
What would you do?
Would you sell your story to Rolling Stone?
Would you take the children away
And leave me alone
And smile in reassurance
As you whisper down the phone
Would you send me packing?
Or would you take me home?
Thought I oughta bare my naked feelings
Thought I oughta tear the curtain down
I held the blade in trembling hands
Prepared to make it but just then the phone rang
I never had the nerve to make the final cut



~ by DotedOn on April 29, 2016.

13 Responses to “612”

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  2. you pose some very complicated questions today paola! right now I’m short on answers but I read and they sure are complex. XX

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  3. I think most people know what’s best for themselves. I think it’s easy for people to look at other people’s lives and think they know what’s best for them but if they really got inside their heads, they would find that wasn’t the case.

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  4. I think it depends on the individual and the situation. In Alcoholics Anonymous, members will frequently bounce ideas off their sponsor just to get a different perspective that they may not have seen. This is especially true for those in early sobriety.

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  5. Pink Floyd fan huh? And, as the Dread Pirate Roberts says, “Life is pain, anyone who tells you differently is just trying to sell you something.” (ok, in the book, it’s Fezzig’s mother who says it… but shhh)

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