Sunday. Sometimes I really enjoy my weekends alone. I can do whatever I please and I love the silence.
Yesterday I remembered the remote control of the cable box was broken so I got a bit sad. Then I decided to watch a movie. It mostly takes hours to decide which movie I could like.
I have a list of movies I want to watch but I have it upstairs in my bedroom and I had decided I wasn’t going to stand up unless I had to go to the bathroom.
So I was browsing movies and then I saw a poster that caught my eye: “Eddie The Eagle”. I have no idea why I thought it was going to be a road trip movie. I said: “That’s it”. And not even Hugh Jackman turned me off.
So I started the movie and when I saw it was sports related, I almost fainted. F#$K! I’m not a sports person. The closest I’ve been to sports is going a few times to the stadium to watch football (soccer), or when I dated a hockey player.
But I’m REALLY glad I watched that movie. I liked it very much. I could relate with the guy. He really wanted something and he fought for it. “I love this almost as much as I love proving people wrong”.

I’m not sure if many of you know but in Argentina, football (soccer) is huge. Almost everyone likes it and almost everyone has a beloved team. I’m included. My team is called Boca Juniors. Almost everyone in my family is a supporter of that team except my father and my sister.
I used to watch the matches on TV with my brother and a few times I went to the stadium to watch my father’s team because my then boyfriend was also a supporter of that other team.
But I always had in my bucket list: “Go to the Boca Juniors Stadium and be among “the people” (and not on a pre-established seat)”.
The main problem was that NOBODY wanted to go with me and be among the hooligans. “Not even if you drug me and drag me there”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.42.29 PM

I needed to be there. I wanted to sing the songs and shout and scream as my team scored. I wanted the feeling of it.
So one day I was talking to a guy who used to study at the same place I did. I said: “Adrian, if one of these days you are going to the stadium and nobody wants to go with you, can I go with you?” “But I go to the stands, I don’t have a seat” “That’s exactly what I want” “Are you sure? I wouldn’t take my girlfriend there” “I’m sure, I have to see how it feels” “OK”.

Some weeks passed and one Sunday afternoon Adrian called: “Pao, I’m going to the stadium now. Do you still want to come?” “You bet!!”.
“Mom, I’m going to the Boca Juniors’ stadium with Adrian. Just to inform you, I’ll be going to the popular seats” (That’s how they are called).
“Are you freaking insane?? And who the hell is Adrian?”
“He’s a friend… See you later”

So we met and went to the stadium together.
That day my team played against Club AtlΓ©tico Independiente. They are called “Los Rojos”, the red ones.
We got to the place, bought our tickets and were waiting to go in. None of us had a t-shirt of our team so nobody could tell why we were there. At one point, a group of Independiente fans came to us and congratulated me.
I had to laugh. My friend was pale and then he said: “Really, Pao? Are you f#$king kidding me? Did you really had to dye your hair red before coming to the stadium? “Nos van a hacer boleta!!” (they are going to fine us)”. That’s Argentinian slang for “we are fuc#$d”.

We entered the stadium and went to stand with “the people” (hooligans). Adrian said: “You move when I move, ok?” “OK”.

We watched the match. It was pretty boring. 0-0. I didn’t get to shout GOAL as I wanted so much. And nothing happened, on the contrary. I heard a few times the guys around saying: “Careful! There’s is lady here!”.

I’m so glad I had that experience.


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  2. Paola I’m old enough to remember Eddie ‘The Eagle’ actually competing at the Olympics, you just don’t know how big his story was in Great Britain back then, πŸ˜€ a plasterer by Trade he took on the World’s best and the general public loved him because he was prepared to have a go, yes he was fucking useless but no one cared, quite the contrary Eddie followed his dream and YES he did practice sliding down sheets of plywood in his back garden!

    I heard him on the radio the other week and sadly he won’t be earning a single penny from the Film BUT he’s far from bitter, quite the contrary he’s still as cheerful happy and positive as he was back then.

    ………. everyone loves a try’r!

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    • Andrew, I LOVED his story. It gives me hope, it makes me smile. I’m a dreamer too πŸ™‚
      I didn’t know him until the movie and as soon as I finished watching, I went to look for more information about him. I’m sorry he’s not earning any money from the movie, such an inspiring person deserves something in return. But probably he has enough with the love that the people keep giving to him πŸ™‚

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  3. Well, I’m sure you could have yelled “GOOOOOOAL!” and nobody would have looked at you funny or anything. I mean, go ahead and try it the next time your walking down the street by yourself. πŸ€”πŸ˜„

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  4. Yeah, I’ve been to a few sporting events and they never really interested me. A movie that’s based on sports has to be very good if it’s going to hold my interest.

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  5. it sounds like so much fun, even if the team didnt score and you didnt get to shout goal! XXX

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