Thursday. Yesterday I tried and tried unclogging my pipes and didn’t succeed. Later in the afternoon I read a comment that Andrew (bateman111.wordpress.com) left advising me to use caustic soda. So I wrote a message to my ex asking if he could get some for me before picking my kids. He replied that he was already late and if he did that, he was going to be even later. I said I didn’t mind.
One hour later he came with the soda and then he decided to stay and see if he could fix my mobile phone that he promised to fix last year in July. He couldn’t do it and then it was too late for me to keep trying to clear the pipes.
It was also too late to watch a movie with my daughter. We were supposed to have a girl’s night. My little princess was pissed when I said there was no way we were going to start watching a movie after 9.30pm.
Then I showered and went to sleep feeling quite sad because I hadn’t accomplished anything and I had disappointed my daughter.

This morning I woke up very early but decided to stay in bed as long as I could until my daughter came to ask me if it was time for breakfast. I said that I wanted to try one more time working on the pipes, that it would take only 15 minutes and after that, we could have breakfast and watch Sleeping Beauty and if we felt like it afterwards, we could go to the mill and see what was going on there. She was pleased with the plan and started setting the table in front of the TV.

I put my gloves on and gave it a last try. And believe it or not, it seems that it worked!! Thank you, Andrew! You can bake chocolate cakes and you can unclog pipes. You’ll make someone really happy one day!!

Now I better keep watching the movie and see if “true love conquers all”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.56.18 AM


~ by DotedOn on May 5, 2016.

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  2. so happy that it worked, enjoy the movie, its a good one. XXX

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  3. Baking cakes and unclogging pipes! Well, you can marry me any day!

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  4. And who would’ve thought I’d learn something about plumbing here 🙂 Now I have to look up caustic soda! I’m glad you got those damn pipes unclogged! Thanks, Paola and Andrew 😀

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    • Hi Donna!
      It really worked! You have no idea for how long I was trying! Caustic soda is the common name for Sodium hydroxide.
      Beware, it’s kind of explosive so don’t stay really close to it when you add the water 🙂

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  5. What in the world is caustic soda? Glad you were able to have girls day together

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    • You buy them as a bag of crystals from a DIY shop, not a supermarket because it’s not to be around food pets or children. Anyway you pour a litre of boiling water into a bucket then stand back and add 50 grammes of the soda crystals! The chemical reaction is quite impressive to watch then pour the mixture down a drain. Btw it will also strip paint and better still it’s dirt cheap. I’m so pleased she unblocked the drain 🙂

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    • Thank you, Bradley!
      She loved it! 🙂


  6. Paola I’m so pleased 🙂 I’ve had a long old day and your kind comments brought a big smile and cheered me up.

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  7. Love WILL find the way…sleep,dream until your kiss comes

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