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Saturday. I’m exhausted. I’ve been working outdoors since Thursday and I’m not even sure if the change is noticeable. And that sucks because everything hurts.
Thursday after clearing the pipes and watching the movie with my daughter, we went to the mill.
There was a little party there. I think we were early. Anyway, there was a band.



And of course, the beer trucks but I didn’t take a picture because there was a group of men just in front of it and I didn’t want to seem so odd. (Desperate).
There was also an inflatable castle for the kids.


And of course, the never missing motorbikes (and the men wearing the suits).


The town looks really pretty during this time of the year. There are flowers everywhere, mostly tulips. That always makes me smile.


After a while, we got back home. I wanted to tidy up a bit. Soon after, I got a message from my ex asking if we would like to go to a lake. I didn’t want to go so I used as excuse that there was not enough room in the car.
He didn’t give a crap what I said so he drove my two oldest sons to the lake and then came to pick us up. Of course I wasn’t ready. I was pleasantly crocheting under the sun in my front yard.
He said: “Let’s go!” “No, I’m not ready” “Everyone is wearing shorts today, let’s go, the kids are waiting”.
So I got ready and took some extra clothes for my kids because I know that they always end up completely wet. (That day too).

On the way to the lake I remembered that it was the 19th anniversary of my continental move and I got a big sad.
We got to the lake and the kids went to play around and I said to my ex: “I could really use a white beer now”. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to celebrate that some of my pipes were unclogged or if I needed the beer to forget about the move.

Apparently, my wish was his command.


Everything looked happier after that. I know it’s not the best picture. There was a cool breeze near the lake, that’s why I needed my scarf. I’m not risking getting sick again. I was waiting for the nice weather since forever and I’m not ruining it this time.

Now I’m alone with my two youngest kids. They are waiting for me to go to a park. I can barely move. I mowed both, back and front yards yesterday and today I trimmed some plants and cleaned. It’s a shame to stay inside. I hope I can convince them to have a picnic here.


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  2. Pretty flowers. Pretty scarf. Time outside with family even if it WAS with your ex and you weren’t feeling your best. I hope you added a few pleasant memories on the way πŸ™‚

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  3. Your haircut looks nice! Very flattering!


  4. Beer, unclogged pipes and scarves… interesting. πŸ˜€

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  5. Your ex comes across as being quite nice πŸ™‚

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    • He’s a nice guy. To most people. To me, he was an asshole. He needs like 5 lifetimes to make up for how much he screwed up πŸ™‚
      (And he has to be nice to me now because I have the power… And I’m using it!!) πŸ˜€

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  6. i hope if you had a picnic at home you enjoyed it. good job on accomplishing mowing the back and front lawns! XXX

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