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Thursday. I’m back to waking up in the middle of night with strange thoughts that keep me from falling asleep again. This time, ex   boyfriends. Ugh… But I’ll write about the suckers and poor souls another time or I’ll lose the thoughts and forget what I wanted to say today.

Yesterday I wrote (again) about passion and how difficult it’s for me to believe how some people can live without it.
Donna wrote a comment that I truly loved.

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You can see that it’s difficult for her to believe that too.

I also loved Andrew’s comment.

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Long and hard, Andrew? Really!?! That comment made me think passionately too but I kind of deviated my thoughts a bit. As I said before, you always make me smile but this time you made me laugh out loud and my kids asked: “Mom, why are you laughing?” So then mom had to play deaf because her mind was so full of thoughts and passion that she was afraid of giving a not really appropriate answer.
I know, I’m still 12 and so freaking proud about it!!

Marissa, thank you about the “Hot Mama” comment. Now I want a t-shirt with that inscription.

And Prince, I loved your reply too and a have a few words for you: Jump in the f@#king pool already!! Don’t make me push you! Think about this: the swimming pool could have a crack and the more you wait the less water it’ll be in it. I know what you are thinking: “it could be empty!”. And what if it’s empty, are you afraid of some bruises? Think about how much you’ll enjoy the jump, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Going back to Donna’s comment. The part where it says: “There actually are passionless people. I know them and they live a “day-to-day, go to work, come home and watch TV, go shopping” kind of life. Nothing more…”

Wow! Really? Nothing more? I don’t mean to judge, I’m just puzzled. It’s truly hard to believe how someone can be content with only that. I wish I could fast forward in their lives and ask them questions like these:

Is there something that you regret you haven’t done?
Is there something that you think you missed?
Did you have a dream and you gave up on it? And why did you do it? Did you get comfortable? Scared? How secure did you feel in that empty life that you never took a risk to make it better? (Assuming that they realized they wasted all those years of their lives).

But now I’m afraid of the answers. What if they don’t feel they missed anything? I’m shaking my head.
I get all agitated for the things I may not have the time or means to do. Like: “Oh crap, will I ever see the Great Wall of China? Or learn to play the mandolin? Or be fluent in Russian? Or get the chance to swim naked in the Mediterranean sea?” (I could count the Atlantic but that was kind of an accident since there was no swimming involved).
And the most important, will I ever find and marry My Prince?”

So, how could someone not have dreams and the passion to pursue them?
I wish I could sell some passion. Then for sure I could afford the trip to China.

~ by DotedOn on May 12, 2016.

21 Responses to “625”

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  2. Paola what a lovely Post I think we’d all agree you are compulsive and fascinating reading!! 🙂 and it’s lovely when you refer to us by name from time to time and yes be proud I’m happy my 😉 Freudian slips make you laugh, btw a lady once said to me “can you not go on top because you are quite long” but girth not so big 😀

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  3. If your passion were diamonds the world couldn’t hold the riches. U are truly wealthy

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  4. Thanks for the shout out Paola! Making me think about the people I know who lack passion. My mother in law is visiting right now and I think she is one of those. She drives me crazy!

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  5. Another excellent post, Paola, and it inspired lots of good comments, I think! 🙂 And yes, I do know people like this. What it comes down to is, generally speaking–they are lazy, self-absorbed, boring, shallow people (especially one particular person I know). It’s a waste of life.

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  6. I’ve read a couple of times that the average person watches five hours of television each night. I can’t imagine. Thank you for a post that is full of passion.

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  7. You are making me want to write a post about passion now… this world needs a booster shot of that stuff. And not one that has to do with a political agenda…

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