Saturday. I woke up with a headache and I’m not able to do much. The pills I took are not helping and I’m not sure what to do. Maybe a nap will help or maybe if I start wearing my glasses.
I had plans to do several things like using the sewing machine, painting and finishing some projects but I can’t really see well because of the pain. Writing is not enjoyable at the moment. I tried to do it earlier but I ended up reading an article about using Feng Shui to improve my sex life. I know, I put the same face that you probably have now and after I read the article my face didn’t change a bit.
I guess my sexual life won’t be improving any time soon and I know for sure that it can’t get any worse either.

No more writing now, it’s really painful.


~ by DotedOn on May 14, 2016.

24 Responses to “627”

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  2. So you can’t see too well when you have a headache! Me too! I was sick with it the past couple days and I could barely see what’s on the computer!

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  3. Who is this Mr. Shui and is he your Prince? (it’s a joke… it’s a joke)

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  4. Sorry, hope you feel better soon!

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  5. hope you’re feeling better today!

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