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Monday. Last week I was talking with my friend Mike about the things we missed the most. I would say most single people miss the same things but after talking with many married people, I realized that not only us, single people miss some stuff, many married people miss the same things. And that’s really sad.
For example, I miss sleeping with someone. I miss hugging someone at night. I miss waking up in someone’s arms. I also miss the kissing very much. I can barely remember my last good kiss because it was long ago.

Our conversation went on more or less like this.



I decided to cover the numbers of men I kissed because I don’t care for everyone to know. But let’s say I need to make a study on that. In that case I’d need an X number of samples to make my study credible, right? Imagine the X is pretty much what’s required for my study to be creditable.

So I’ll be bold and present here my conclusions. As stated above, not even 10% of men know how to kiss. (Or I was freaking unlucky).

Do you think it could be a matter of passion? Do you believe that passionate men are better kissers? In my experience, I can say it’s that way.
And please, don’t confuse horny with passionate. Also, don’t confuse passionate with bullshitter.
Do you think it’s possible to tell just by looking at someone in the eyes or reading what they write, if they are good kissers?
I believe so. And it’s a pity I can’t go, meet and kiss all these men I think are good kissers to prove if my theory is right.

I’d love to assume that my theory is right and passionate people are also good kissers.

Over the weekend I watched the movie “Some Kind of Wonderful” (1987). I had watched that movie many times when I was a teen and I really wanted to see a piece of it.
I don’t want to spoil it for you, but you need to know a bit what is it about.
Girl A is in love with boy, but boy is in love with girl B. At one point, girl B accepts a date with the boy and that kind of broke girl A’s heart. But, girl A instead of showing all her rage, decided to test the boy. (You can also use the word “manipulate” if you wish).
I will have to recreate a part of the dialogue using my own words so you understand what I mean.

Girl A and boy are chatting and she says:
“What if she wants you to kiss her?”
he: “Then I’ll have to kiss her”
she: “But, do you understand that she’s not a novice? She has plenty of experience… Do you think your amateur lips can wow her?”
he: “I think I can handle that”
she: “Hey, I was just asking… It’s good to know that you consider that you can deliver a kiss that kills”

I guess that when someone tells you that, you start doubting your own capabilities. And of course he bit the bait and let girl A see if he was a good kisser or not.

I love that part of the movie as much as I hated it when my first boyfriend told me in front of everyone at school: “you don’t know how to kiss”.
I wrote about it before and also how Karma took care of that too.

Now I really have the urge to ask many of the guys I kissed if someone told them that they were good kissers… I don’t think so. And if someone did, they were lying!
Maybe it was good for me to have that guy telling me I didn’t know how to kiss. After that I spent many hours improving my kissing and now I feel pretty confident.
I would even consider competing in a kissing contest.

My question today is: “Can you deliver a kiss that kills?”

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  2. only if your passionate about it 😛 no really though, to me, passion is important, and some people are not at all passionate. XX

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  3. Yep 😀 But the real “magic” is when both people know the luxury of kissing. I’m not sure if it’s passion as much as ignorance, and most people are not going to tell another person they don’t know how to kiss so the “bad kisser” will never realize they are and try to learn what it takes. THEY are missing out, too, and I find that so sad. A good kisser CAN help someone become a better kisser and not by being incredibly insulting, damaging and cruel in a way that person will never forget and possibly not get over. Just say something like “let’s try kissing this way” and/or “I love kissing like this” and/or “this kind of kissing is what really turns me on” and then SHOW them what you mean!

    I’ve never examined it in this way, but people should look at kisses like “meals”. There are “snack” kisses, “hors d’oeuvre” kisses, entrees and desserts. Another person’s lips are like a favorite dish to be enjoyed, and should always be soft-lipped (the lips “relaxed” and not tense). Your lips are not tense when you’re eating pudding from a spoon. A kiss is no different. And there should be variety, with or without using your tongue, varied pressure (though never so much to cause pain and swollen lips!), all those things. It also depends on approach, and that often has to do with desire, and sometimes a natural sexual “way” about a person.

    Anyway, I’m getting too into describing something I wouldn’t typically want to discuss online! But kissing is ridiculously important! lol

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  4. I’m not that into kissing.

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  5. I’ve been told I am a good kisser and tend to think it’s true. I think kissing is pretty important and you can definitely tell a good kisser by looking at him.

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  6. I’ve been told from my first kiss on that I’m an outstanding kisser and I do believe passion is the key. On the other hand, I’m just as much a good kisser when I’m just plain horny. Maybe if you have passion in your heart, your kissing skills never diminish.

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  7. A good kisser is in the lips of the kissee. I think everyone defines “good kisser” differently. I will say, passion is a very important part. Being able to set aside the world and take the moment to connect with someone through their lips, to breathe the same air, to stand so close and look each other in the eyes while you just let time stop… and not try to eat their face. Yeah, that last part is super important.

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