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Saturday. Yesterday when I was on the way to bring my son to kindergarten, I had to stop because a cat crossed in front of me. Then I saw it had a bird in its mouth and when it saw me on the bike breaking a couple of feet from it, it let the bird go. The bird was a female blackbird. I recognize them because they are brown. And if I had any doubt, close to the female bird, there was also the male bird (all black with orange beak) chirping like crazy.
The female bird was hurt and couldn’t fly. It just stayed there in the middle of the street. I scared the cat away and went really fast to bring my son so I could get back soon. I had the idea of picking the bird and take it home.
I wished my son hadn’t seen all that because he couldn’t stop saying: “A car will run over the bird”. I was shaking.
I managed to leave my son and headed back to the place. I couldn’t see the bird from the distance. I feared the worst. Or the best. I couldn’t tell.
When I got near, exactly the same thing happened. The cat appeared chasing the poor bird in front of me. The female bird was hopping and the male bird was chirping and confronting the cat.
I never saw something like that. The male bird was actually trying to fight the cat and doing all in its power to prevent the cat from eating the female bird.
I had tears in my eyes. I left the bike in the middle of the street and tried to pick the female bird. I couldn’t do it because it jumped real fast and hid between some bushes.
When the cat saw that, took a chasing position and went slowly to catch it. The male bird cut its way and kept chirping non-stop. I also ran to prevent the cat from catching the bird. The only thing I could manage to do was making the female bird hide in a better place. I scared the cat away and it ran to a house. I tried to pick the female bird but seeing the male bird shouting for help broke my heart.
I froze. I didn’t know what to do.
I know it’s nature’s way. Cats eat birds.
What made me really sad was seeing the male bird suffering for its girl. He was actually fighting for her. It was heartbreaking. He couldn’t take her in her arms and bring her somewhere safe. He just had to be content preventing the cat from eating her. And believe me, he did all he could. I could see love there.
I left the place in tears. I got home and still couldn’t shake it off.
Several hours passed and I’m still crying.

I can’t believe how all these things are affecting me so much. What is it exactly? I want my soulmate? I need someone fighting for me? I’m afraid of loss and death? All of the above?
Definitely, all of the above.

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~ by DotedOn on May 21, 2016.

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  2. So sad. Sorry you had to see that. Sending hugs xo

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  3. Ha, ha! Hormones! Sorry, just kidding, it’s actually a beautiful story. The animal instinct can be an amazing thing!

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  4. There are so many things in this world that happen all day, every day, somewhere. We typically witness these things on TV, but seeing it in person is definitely going to affect you more ’cause it’s first hand.

    We “Cinderella” girls all want/hope/need for a “Prince Charming” to come along, to rescue us. It’s worse when we’re miserable and struggling 😦 I love the Cinderella stories, but it’s the believing in them that is dangerous. Many of us are guilty of it.

    Someone MAY come along, but hanging on that hope every day will keep you miserable, Paola 😦 Live each day as if he won’t come along so you can live it to YOUR fullest, then if and when he does—oh, happy day!

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    • I know, Donna! But I feel like I’d be kidding myself. I go on with my life and all but it’s like I’m always secretly waiting for him… (Ok, not so secretly 😀 )

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      • I get it! But there’s a difference between “hoping” and “waiting” 🙂 Try not to “wait.” 🙂

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      • Donna, both words: waiting and hoping translate to one word in Spanish 🙂
        I’ll write about it soon! 🙂

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      • Of course, I’m curious about ANYthing to do with WORDS 🙂 And although you can combine the meaning of words and make a “new” word, my use of them here is very separate and different. You pretty much always wait while you’re hoping, and hope can be involved with waiting. Hoping for love is still different than waiting for love, in my opinion 🙂 Hoping keeps you going, while waiting keeps you wasting. Oh, I like that! I need to actually write that down! lol I HAVE to use that in my writing 😀 Thanks, Paola!

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      • Beautiful words, Donna! 🙂
        I tried to write about it today but my mood is on the seesaw 😀 (But I think it’s much better than going down the slide! 😀 )

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  5. I have to agree with http://writersideup.wordpress.com/. Find your passion, P! You’re so funny and have so much to give. Prince Charming will only let you down, and hog the mirror !

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  6. A very sad, yet sweet, story. You should try to make that into a fiction piece. 🙂

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