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Sunday. I opened my eyes really early this morning but I didn’t have any intention of leaving my bed. Soon after, my kids were awake and that always makes my plans change in ways I don’t like. This time I told my kids: “Would you like a plain breakfast or would you like to wait for a bit while I bake honey bread?” “HONEY BREAD!”. So I went to put the ingredients in the bread machine and then back to bed for one extra hour while the “dough” cycle was working.
In the meantime, I read the comments of yesterday’s post. There is so much I want to say I’m not sure I’ll remember it all.

Donna (writersideup.wordpress.com) you are right and I’m not sure what kind of impression I’m giving, but it’s not that I’m in my tower waiting for My Prince… I wish I were, though!
I’m actually going on with my life. I keep mowing the lawn, fixing everything that breaks, learning things, crocheting, cooking, coloring, writing, cleaning (not as much as I should, but ok), playing my games and thank goodness, I don’t have to unclog my pipes (at least, some of them). Andrew, thank you again for that!
Kim (kimboxin.wordpress.com), you wrote I’m very funny and I have a lot to give. You are also right. It’s just that I’m not content anymore with being the court jester. I know that maybe that’s what I’m supposed to be and I’m only wasting my time trying to get another position in this kingdom. The thing is, I always thought I had to be the queen of my realm. To be a queen, I need to be a princess first. And for that, I need to marry a prince.
I know we are in the 21st century and maybe I’m getting everything wrong. There are not many monarchies left in the world.
But think about it, how the title “First Lady” sound to you? Just imagine me marrying a president. Who’s the first man who pops in your mind? Isn’t that super scary?

And what should I do with all the signs? The pond, the frogs and the white horse? Just ignore them?!

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To be honest, if I say I’m not waiting for My Prince, would you believe me? I don’t even believe it myself…
Should I quit? I’m not a quitter!
But there is something I could do. Every time I don’t want to do something, I just leave it there. Stand by. I do that with the hope that the elves or someone else do it for me. I know that if I leave something long enough, there is a chance I won’t have to do it anymore because I may die before.

Maybe all this sounds like a contradiction. I don’t like quitting but I like even less doing what I don’t want to do.
I’m a bit lost and I’m not sure where all this will lead. But I guess this time, I’ll have to let it be. Things are not working. Time to move on?

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21 Responses to “635”

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  2. Sorry, I really don’t understand…quit from what? Looking for love? I think you are always going to be looking but I’m not sure how much you actively pursue it.

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  3. OK, first—-that honey bread sounds SO good!!! 😀

    Second—it is dangerous believing in “signs.” I remember, many years ago, I had a similar view—as though God or the angels were helping me “see” something or “lead” me or “show” me, but that’s not the way they do that. And most times I don’t think we recognize when they are “at work” for us in that way. It is bad when images and symbolic things humans have created over thousands of years are confused with “signs,” as if they are connected to us, like stars with horoscopes. Fairy tales really are just that—imagined, and believing in signs is pretty much superstitious thinking.

    Third—we are all “queens” or “princesses” (or “kings/princes” for you guys 😉 ) of our own realms and it doesn’t require being with or marrying a “prince/king” to become that. I think that’s the point I’m always trying to make. We must stand strong as a sole entity in that way because standing as one of a pair may not happen or at least not any time soon. I’m just hoping you’ll be happier in the “now,” Paola 🙂

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    • Thank you, Donna! 🙂
      The bread was amazing!
      I’m happy in the “now” I just think I’ll be the happiest if I get the thing I always wanted in my life. Some people want to be rich or famous. I always wanted to have the perfect love. The one that inspires love stories and all 😀
      And the signs… well, I know it’s only me. I can associate anything with anything and even give you a valid reason. 😀

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      • Ah, but it’s not only you, my dear. A lot of people believe in many superstitious things. And most people are looking for that perfect love, too. “Perfect” is a very dangerous word in pretty much all aspects of life, really. And I know you say you’re happy in the now, but maybe it’s not how you seem—at least not here. I guess it’s because this is your “let off steam” place. If you ARE happy now, then I’m happy FOR you 😀

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      • Thank you, Donna!
        Yes, I’m happy now (but I want to be The Happiest! 😀 )


  4. I’m glad Donna is one of your friends here on WP because without fail her replies are sensible and caring 🙂 and remember Paola I’m always honest X

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  5. honey bread sounds yummy and like it tastes amazing! glad you got an extra hour in bed. xxooo

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  6. I want honey bread!

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