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Tuesday. I mentioned before that I think I’m love powered. I also think I’m solar powered. And I will add that my storage unit is out of order. So you can imagine what happens when “my sources” are not providing me what I need.
I get kind of lethargic.
I sit by the window and just stare outside. And right now, it’s not a pretty sight. My beloved moss turned yellow and it looks very sad. I feel like going outside and tear it out. In fact, I did that in a corner and I’m also not happy with the naked ground. I do not have the energy to work on that right now but at the same time, the sad view is killing me.
And you know how much I dislike the rain lately. Well, it’s also not raining enough. Just drizzling non-stop. So my beloved pond is not getting enough water and it also looks pretty sad and sunken. My tadpoles and water plants could die. I was supposed to have the reservoir tank full of rain water for when these things happen but the pipe collecting the water from the roof was broken so the water never made it to the tank… Anyway, I had forgotten to close the faucet so in any case, it would have never filled up.

So today I’m in a “I hope the sun shines and I hope it rains really hard” kind of mood.
Decisions shouldn’t be taken when I’m in this kind of “I hate you/I love you” stage.
I would say: “It’s a trap!”. No matter what happens, it’ll be wrong.

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~ by DotedOn on May 24, 2016.

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  2. Yeah, come one, why not all or nothing? Rain or don’t! S*** or get off the pot!

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  3. Yep, the thing is we do need both! It’s a balance that’s often hard to achieve. Drizzle can be annoying ’cause it’s a “neither here nor there” kinda thing. Love the pic! 😀

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  4. Next time you look out the window, notice the neighborhood or the area around you are all find and in working order. The worlds still spinning and all is okay. It may sound trite, but it works for me. Maybe not every time, but it grounds me and gives me a sense of reality,

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  5. Its a trap, sure thing paola, it is that. I hate those sorta days. where whatever happens, its wrong! xoxo

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  6. Hahaha….I love the reference.

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