Thunderous Thursday, even though it’s kind of sunny. I went to sleep with a smile. That lasted only for a few hours. About 4.30am I woke up and discovered that my internet connection wasn’t working. That pissed me off. I really didn’t need the connection at all but I remembered when last year I called the support line to complain that they cut the f#$king connection in the middle of the night and the guy replied: “You should be sleeping at that time”. Exactly. My response that time was a long “…….” because I was flirting with the guy 3 seconds earlier and he was laughing while he said it… But trust me, I was this close to say: “Who the f#$k dictates when it’s the right time to sleep?”. Instead of that I said “hehehe, I’m sleepless sometimes”. But just imagine if the person who said that was a rude man or a woman… Oh My! I’m grinding my teeth just with the thought.

So, no stupid connection and it was then 5am. I fell asleep again until 6.30am when some noise woke me up and then I remembered that today my son has a playdate. So if I was pissed off two hours earlier, I was more PISSED OFF then. And let me tell you why, it’s very early in the morning and I can’t call anyone to unload my fury so I have to write about it.
Pia, you have no idea how much I miss you.

This is what happened. Yesterday my cell phone rang. I don’t even bother to answer because only my kids’ friends call on that number.
Half a minute later my oldest son came with the phone and said: “It’s Robbie’s mom, she wants to talk to you”. My son could see my face… OH F#$KING SHIT!
I’m not sure if you read the post when I said I hated my son being friends with Robbie The Robber (for the obvious reasons) and that I deeply disliked the mother too. But more about that in a bit.
So she said: “Robbie would like to play with your son”. I said it wasn’t possible because the kids were leaving soon to go to their dad. So she pushed until I accepted to set a playdate for today. The Robber is coming here at 2.30pm.

You will not hear me often talking about a person like I’m going to do it right now. But I need it. So, here it goes.

Oh man, I really don’t like that woman. I dislike her since the first parents-teacher meeting almost two years ago.
She’s single and horny. I know you could be thinking: “She’s the perfect match for you”. But no, she’s not. She’s loud, rude, not polite and totally lacks the feminine side. And I know what you are thinking. It could seem I lack that side too because I’m not very girlie and I have a pretty dirty mouth that could put sailors, truck drivers and construction workers to shame. But still.
It’s the way she moves. She doesn’t walk, she stomps. Ugh.

And the way she did it. Normally the kids call and ask my kids to ask me if they could play. And that’s good, that way I can filter somehow. But NO, Princess “I’m Here And I Want Everyone To Know It” called herself so she could have it her way. But guess what, I’ll be having a long conversation with my son later today and I will ask my kids NOT TO ANSWER the phone if they see her number on the screen.
I’m sorry, I said I wasn’t going to choose my kids friends but the way I see it, I’m protecting them and me.
I think that people like her are the cause of the polluted society. They lack respect and boundaries.

And I’m pretty good at building fences and using my sword and shield.


Thank you, all for listening. I feel much better now.


~ by DotedOn on May 26, 2016.

20 Responses to “639”

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  2. I miss you too !!!

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    • You would have laughed this morning, me llevaban los demonios! 😀
      Te acordás de la mina del Alfa Romeo en Staringstraat? La que hacía cagar al perro en el jardín de la escuela? Esta es del mismo tipo… Estoy sonriendo porque son 2.40 y todavía no la vi… Me pone de un humor!!! 😀


      • Me acuerdo… La verdad es que nos divertíamos como locas. Como extraño ésa época!
        Decile que tenés a Fefol con una diarrea viral, que Robbie Rotten se puede contagiar… zafás por 15 días al menos

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      • Eso es lo que me decías a mi?!?! 😀


  3. Yes, writing can be very therapeutic! There are a lot of my daughter’s friends that I don’t like and usually their mothers match. I totally get it and would never think that woman was anything like you. Good luck with the playdate. Hope it doesn’t last too long!

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  4. 😀 If I phone my bank or water company I usually get the Lady laughing and if I get through to a say overseas call centre I ALWAYS ask what country they’re in and lol then we’re off talking about anything and everything, I spoke to an Indian gent who knew more about English football than I did.

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  5. Your site still makes me laugh every time I visit, I mean knowing all those blogging awards are just copied, mind you you’re still one of the best bloggers I’ve ever come across 🙂

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    • Thank you, Andrew!
      I’m glad you laugh every time! That makes me feel really good!
      And the awards make me crazy but people took time to nominate me so I wrote a post about them every time I got one… But then I broke the chain and never followed the instructions. I think people got tired of that and I never got another one again (and I’m super happy about it!!) 😀

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  6. I wouldn’t think she was a good match for you because she was female (btw, when you say something like that, American’s are going to assume that you mean in a dating/romantic manner (or maybe I’m must a guy… Either/or). And you don’t have the ability to block a number on your phone? You should do that if you can, that way, you don’t have to worry about the kids answering it on accident.

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    • I meant like a going out buddy 😀
      (No girls for me, thank you!) 🙂

      I still have no idea how to use my phone (and it’s not a smart one!). For now I’ll ignore her 🙂

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