Saturday. It’s so late today and I’m so exhausted that this will probably my shortest post ever.
The good news is that I got a lot of things done. The bad news is that I’m ready for bed and it’s not even 6pm.
I decided to finish things that I had on hold since forever and it was amazing how not one of the things went straight or smooth.

I hope what they say about difficult roads often leading to beautiful destinations, it’s true. Today I need to feel that my efforts were worthwhile.


~ by DotedOn on June 4, 2016.

12 Responses to “648”

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  2. If you got things done, I’m sure they were.

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  3. DId you get out an enjoy the sun?

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  4. Good stuff doing the stuff that you’ve been putting off. It’s hard to get started but you certainly earn that night’s sleep.

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  5. I hope it was worth it. and I hope you sleep well tonight. xxx

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  6. Paola, if for nothing else, it feels GREAT to check things off on your “To Do” list 😀 😀 😀

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